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These Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies on Netflix Should Totally Be on Your Kid’s Watch List

halloween movies on netflix

Kid Halloween Movies on Netflix in 2021

If you are wondering what Halloween movies are on Netflix right now or which Netflix Halloween Movies are appropriate for kids, then this is the post for you. 

So grab your popcorn and cozy up on the sofa. These movies are great for the entire family and are a great way to celebrate the season and enjoy a Halloween-themed movie night. 

kids watching movies on netflix

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Family-Friendly Halloween Movies

Monster House

Content Rating: PG

This animated film follows three friends who discover that a vacant house across the street is actually alive. They then try to convince others that this house is indeed alive. And in order to expose the mystery in this home, they have to go inside. 



Content Rating: PG

A gang of zombies invades a small town and a boy who has the ability to speak to the dead takes the lead on saving the day.


A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting

Content Rating: PG

A babysitter loses the boy she is babysitting which leads to the young girl joining forces with a secret society of babysitters and taking on the boogeyman. 


The Little Vampire

Content Rating: TV-G

A 13-year-old befriends a human boy and together they take on a notorious vampire hunter. 


Little Monsters

Content Rating: PG

This funny film follows a child who meets, and becomes friends with, a monster that lives under his bed. He then discovers a whole new world under there. 



Content Rating: PG

In this film, the main character is scary story enthusiast who stumbles across a witch one night. The witch ends up telling him that he must write her stories and read them to her every night, or she’ll kill him. Viewers watch in suspense wondering if he will ever escape.


Gnome Alone

Content Rating: PG

The main character Chloe discovers actual living garden gnomes at her new home. She eventually discovers that they need her help to save the world. 


A Witches Ball

Content Rating: PG

A young witch is looking forward to being inducted as a new witch. However, she has a few hurdles jeopardizing her success. So she teams up with her furry friend to hopefully overcome these obstacles. 


What are some of your favorite kid friendly Halloween movies to watch on Netflix or any other platform? Feel free to share in the comments!


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