10 Jungle-Themed Nursery Ideas to Try in Your Little One’s Space

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If you want to create a fun, comforting, and adventurous space for your baby, a jungle-themed nursery definitely fits the bill. And we’re here to help with ten jungle-themed nursery ideas that will transform your child’s space in a very exciting way.

So let’s get to it.

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Photo credit: kasto via Canva.com

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1. Dramatic Feature Wall

Create a beautiful focal point, by using a bold, jungle-inspired wallpaper or mural. Vibrant green leaf patterns and animal prints can really bring the jungle concept to life. You can also choose a dramatic paint color that sets the jungle theme. Kickstart your planning with the ideas below:

jungle wall mural for nursery | Amazon.com
Jungle and Safari Animals Wall Mural

3D jungle wall mural | Amazon.com
3D Jungle Wallpaper Mural

2. Plush Jungle Animal Accents

Incorporating plush stuffed giraffes, toucans, monkeys, and other jungle creatures are a great way to emphasize the theme in your baby’s nursery. It also adds that extra touch of coziness. Here are a few ideas:

plush jungle animals set of 10 | Amazon.com
Stuffed Jungle and Safari Animals

Set of 10

Stuffed toucan | Amazon.com
Stuffed Toucan

Standing height: 11.8in

4 pack plush jungle monkeys | Amazon.com
4-Pack Stuffed Monkeys


3. Bring in Natural Elements

To add an earthy, organic feel, incorporate rattan, wicker, and wood textures. Real or artificial plants can also create a lush, jungle-inspired ambiance. Complement the natural textures with solid colors and geometric patterns. Not sure where to start? Check out the ideas below.

jungle leaves decor | Amazon.com
Artificial Jungle Leaves Decor

82 pieces

artificial twigs | Amazon.com
Artificial Tree Twigs

4. Jungle-Inspired Rug

Choose an area rug with an earthy color palette or geometric jungle-themed patterns. This will ground the space and tie the jungle theme together. Here are a few ideas to consider:

indoor rattan rug | Amazon.com
Indoor Rattan Rug

jungle and safari animal rug | Amazon.com
Jungle and Safari Mat

Various sizes

green plush rug | Amazon.com
Green Shaggy Rug

Various sizes

5. Jungle-Themed Wall Art

Hang watercolor animal portraits or silhouettes on the walls. Consider incorporating other nature-inspired prints as well.

monkeys on vine wall stickers | Amazon.com
Monkeys on Vines Wall Stickers

monkeys in tree | Amazon.com
Monkeys in the Trees Wall Decals

toucan baby and mom wall art | Amazon.com
Toucan Baby and Mom Wall Art

Various Sizes

toucan peel and stick wall art | Amazon.com
Toucan Peel & Stick Wall Decal

6. Creative Lighting

Rattan or bamboo pendant lights can bring a natural touch to the nursery. You can also use table lamps with animal-themed bases or shades.

bamboo pendant ceiling light | Amazon.com
Bamboo Pendant Lighting

green leaf lamp with wooden base | Amazon.com
Green Leaf Lamp with Wooden Base

lamp with seagrass shade and mosaic base | Amazon.com
Seagrass Shade Table Lamp

jungle theme night light | Amazon.com
Jungle Animals Night Light


sloth bedside lamp | Amazon.com
Bedside Sloth Lamp

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7. Bedding and Other Fabrics

Choose crib sheets, blankets, and curtains in jungle-inspired prints and colors. There are so many great options out there, but we will share a few of our favorites below.

gray jungle safari themed crib set | Amazon.com
Jungle 3pc Crib Bedding

Includes: Quilt, Crib Skirt, Crib Sheet

jungle and safari animal crib bedding | Amazon.com
Jungle and Safari Animal 3pc Bedding Set

Includes: Crib sheet, Comforter, and Crib Skirt

jungle print crib fitted sheets | Amazon.com
4-Pack Jungle-Themed Crib Fitted Sheets

tropical leaf curtains | Amazon.com
Tropical Leaf Curtains

colorful toucan print curtains | Amazon.com
Colorful Toucan Jungle-Themed Curtains

8. Jungle-Themed Decor Accents

Add decorative elements like baskets and toys with an earthy, organic feel and to further emphasize the theme. Incorporate metallic or brass accents for a touch of glamour.

monkey non-ticking wall clock | Amazon.com
Monkey Non-ticking Wall Clock

sloth tummy time mat | Amazon.com
Sloth Tummy Time Mat

9. Functional Storage Solutions

Whenever we discuss setting up a nursery, we always like to include storage solutions. To keep the nursery organized, you can use woven baskets, rattan bins, and wooden crates. These natural materials complement the jungle theme.

large woven basket | Amazon.com
Large Woven Basket

wooden crates | Amazon.com
Wooden Crates

Set of 3

tropical leaf laundry hamper | Amazon.com
Tropical Leaf Laundry Hamper

10. Personalized Touches

Last but certainly not least, make the space truly special by adding your personalized touches. You can add family photos or handmade artwork, or even hang a growth chart or milestone board with a jungle theme.

Wrapping Up

There are endless possibilities to create a unique jungle-themed nursery for your child. But if you’re not completely set on this theme just yet and want to explore other options, make sure you check out our other exciting nursery ideas on Major League Mommy.

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