Introducing Pets to Babies: Is Your Pet Ready for You To Have A Baby?

by Briana Marie
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Is your pet ready to be introduced to a new baby?

When you have a pet, you want to care for it and give it a wonderful life. But what happens when you need to introduce your fur baby to your newborn?

introducing pets to baby

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One of the most significant issues people have is when they get pregnant or think they might be pregnant. You wonder if your pets will understand what’s going on, and will they still love you the same way?

Many people think that their pet is ready to be introduced to a baby, but there are some things you should know before you bring the tiny one home. 

This article will outline everything you need to know about your pets when you are expecting.

Cats Vs. Dogs

If you are like most people in America, then the chances are high that you own either a cat or dog. Let’s face it; cats and dogs don’t always mix well. Dogs are usually energetic and will jump all over your cat, but cats typically like to be clean and out of the way. They don’t want your dog’s saliva on them.

What’s the point here? Well, cats and dogs can be very different. This also means their response to pregnancy can be quite different.

Cats may want to cuddle with you more once they sense you’re pregnant. They may also purr and rub against you more often. This may or may not annoy you. 

Dogs, on the other hand, may sit there and watch you with those large puppy-dog eyes; they can sense that something is changing. They may even become over-protective and follow you everywhere that you go and act as if it’s guarding you.


Pregnancy Symptoms

When pregnant, many things change within your body. As soon as those symptoms show up, it is time to talk with your doctor about what to do.

You will notice things like backaches or morning sickness; these are all normal things for a mommy-to-be. Pregnant women also tend to smell everything because of their heightened sense of smell.

Your pet might sense these changes and become uneasy because it is not something they are used to.


Yes, Your Pet Can Sense It

If you think that your pet can’t sense these changes, you are wrong; they can sense exactly what is happening.

Dogs can smell the hormones in your body that occur during pregnancy. They know that there is something different and will bark or lick you to comfort you.

Cats may try to stay away from you as much as possible because they don’t want anything to do with this new “strange” behavior. Or perhaps they decide they want to snuggle more than normal.

That being said, both dogs and cats have a sixth sense about these types of things, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Happiness For The New Baby!

Once your baby is born, pets typically learn to adjust.

You may notice your dog immediately come to attention when the baby starts crying – rushing over to help. 

Your cat, on the other hand, may not be too happy about this new thing in her territory. The cat might hiss at your newborn or try playing with his legs while trying to walk around. The best way to keep the cat away from the baby is by giving them food they like, such as happy cat food can change the cat’s mood with its flavor that is exactly according to what they want.   

Ultimately, you have to pay attention to changes in your pet during this time as well.


Wrapping Up!

So, there you have it! Many things come with owning a pet when pregnant, but it is definitely possible to make it work.

You will learn how to take care of your little one and help your pet cope with these changes. It might take some getting used to, but as long as everybody understands what’s going on, you can make the appropriate adjustments.

If you would like more information on how you should prepare for having a baby in your home or what needs to happen when the time comes, talk to your veterinarian! They will help guide you through this time and make sure everyone stays safe and happy.


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