6 Halloween Party Games for Kids That Are Perfect for Indoor Fun

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You know how much we love Halloween here at Major League Mommy. And we love to include the kids in the spooky fun.

As a matter of fact, many of us take part in planning classroom parties or other kid-friendly Halloween celebrations during this season. And every great party includes great GAMES! So if you’re looking for some fun Halloween party games for kids, you’re in the right place.

We have compiled a list of Halloween party games that are perfect for indoor fun. These games are a great way to keep the kids engaged and create memorable moments.

So, get ready to plan the most enjoyable Halloween party ever with these fun ideas.

Let’s get to it.

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Mummy Wrap

One classic Halloween game that never goes out of style is the Mummy Wrap. Divide the kids into teams of two and give each team a roll of toilet paper or crepe paper. One child becomes the mummy, while the other child wraps them up from head to toe, leaving only the eyes visible.

The team that finishes wrapping their mummy first wins! You can also have a creative twist by providing some additional accessories like fake spiders and bats to make the mummies scarier.

Ghost Bowling

This game puts a Halloween spin on the traditional game of bowling. Set up a bowling alley in your living room or classroom using empty water bottles and decorate them as spooky ghosts. Use a small pumpkin as the bowling ball. Let the kids take turns rolling the pumpkin to knock down the ghost pins. To make it even more fun, you can add glow sticks inside the water bottles to make them glow in the dark.

Witch’s Hat Ring Toss

Create a witch-themed ring toss game by using cone-shaped party hats decorated as witch hats. Place the hats at various distances and let the kids take turns tossing rings or bracelets to land on the pointed part of the hat. Assign different point values to each hat, and the player with the highest score at the end wins. This game not only enhances motor skills but also adds a touch of Halloween magic.

Spider Web Scavenger Hunt

Turn your living room or classroom into a spider’s lair with a spider web scavenger hunt. Using white yarn, create a web pattern by attaching it to different furniture, door frames, and other stationary objects. Attach small plastic spiders to the web using tape.

Hide Halloween-themed treats or small prizes around the room, and let the kids follow the web to find them. The child who collects the most treats wins! This game encourages problem-solving skills and adds an element of mystery.

Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin

A Halloween twist on the classic party game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Draw a large pumpkin on a poster board or use a ready-made pumpkin cutout. Blindfold the kids one by one, spin them around, and let them try to pin the stem in the correct spot on the pumpkin. You can make it more challenging by cutting out stems in different sizes or shapes. The child who gets the closest to the right spot wins a spooky prize!

Major League Mommy Halloween Printables on Etsy

Printable Halloween Party Games

If you’re looking for a simple Halloween celebration idea, Printable Halloween Party Games are a really great idea. And we want to help you out. Here are some games you may want to consider printing out for your next party.

Monster Mash Charades

Put a Halloween twist on the classic game of charades with Monster Mash Charades. Compile a list of Halloween characters, creatures, and activities, and create printable cards for each one.

Divide the kids into teams and take turns acting out the Halloween-themed prompts. The team that correctly guesses the most monsters wins the game.

Witch’s Word Search

Challenge the kids’ word-finding skills with a spooktacular Witch’s Word Search. Create a printable word search puzzle filled with Halloween-themed words, such as “witch,” “vampire,” and “candy corn.”

Provide everyone with copies of the puzzle and let them search for the hidden words. The first one to complete the word search becomes the ultimate Halloween word hunter!

Pin the Spider on the Web

Put a Halloween twist on the classic party game “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” Print out a large spider web and cut out spider-shaped pieces.

Blindfold each player, spin them around, and let them try to pin the spider as close to the center of the web as possible. The player with the most accurate placement wins!

Halloween Bingo

Put a fun Halloween twist on the beloved game of Bingo with Halloween Bingo. Create unique Halloween-themed Bingo cards filled with images of bats, ghosts, witches, and other creepy creatures.

Provide printable Bingo cards to the kids and call out the images. The first person to shout “Bingo!” wins a prize.

If you’re hosting a classroom party or a larger party of kids, you can also try our Halloween Bingo game that encourages the kids to actually move around and interact with one another. It is available in our Halloween Party Pack on Etsy.

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Major League Mommy Printable Games

To make your life easier, we do offer a complete Halloween Printable Party Pack in our Etsy shop. All you have to do is checkout on Etsy and head on over to your emails to locate the link to your downloads. And the best part is… you can print as many copies as you like!

Included Games

  • Halloween A-Z
  • Bingo
  • Finish the Phrase
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Word Search
  • This or That
  • Unscramble
  • How Many Words?
  • What’s in Your Treat Bag?
  • Halloween Taboo
  • Scavenger Hunt

You can grab our Printable Halloween Party Pack here.

Wrapping Up

Feel free to provide small treats and rewards to add that extra excitement to the games! The kids will love it. And of course, there are plenty of other indoor game ideas such as Minute to Win It games, Tic Tac Toe, and trivia that you could consider as well.

Ultimately, these Halloween party games are absolutely perfect for indoor fun and laughter for the kiddos. And don’t be afraid to turn the party up a notch and get creative with the decorations, spooky music, and costumes to enhance the Halloween ambiance.

Let the Halloween spirit soar and enjoy the spooky season using these ideas. Happy Halloween!

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