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Indoor Fun When It’s Just Too Hot Outside

The weather is getting warmer and warmer, and we’re currently in the full swing of summer, so there’s a good chance you’re just trying to shelter inside with the air conditioning for the time being! But whilst you’re in there, all cooped up as a family, it’s very easy to get bored – especially if you’ve got young children with you. This is why we’ve compiled this little list of fun indoor family activities. The kids shouldn’t miss out just because of the weather! Read on if you’re in need of a little inspiration. 

Indoor Fun When It’s Just Too Hot Outside

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Make Something Yummy to Eat

Every kid loves to eat, and chow down on something that’s tasty! So, if you can’t spend much time outside because of the heat, make sure you’re whipping up a storm in the kitchen instead. 


Ice pops and frozen treats are going to be the first course of action, but cookies and cakes will go down a treat as well. Make a pizza, or some creative sandwiches, and promise to have a picnic in the evening when the air’s a bit cooler than before. Even making your own ice cream is a great idea, and doesn’t have to take as long as you might think! 


And you can cram all kinds of fruits into these recipes, so you won’t have to load the kids up on sugar either – it’s a lot harder to exercise that energy when you can’t spend much time outside. Yummy and simple, and it can take up a lot of the free time you have too. 


Make Some Slime!

Slime is still quite a big craze amongst the kids, and there’s all kinds of social media accounts that are dedicated to creating slime and showing off its properties. And seeing as kids love to get their hands dirty, and love different textures and sensory experiences, making your own slime might just be the most fun they’ve had in a while! Even adults are enraptured by the mysteries of slime, so there’s a good chance you’re going to be able to enjoy yourself as well. 


Of course, you could visit a slime shop, to look through the different slime types and their ingredients (and even get a sneak peek of what slime should feel like!), but making your own is quite simple as well. You can find a list of ingredients for a basic mix right here, as well as an explanation on the scienc-y side of things as well! The kids will love to hear all about that. 


The summer is all about getting outside and having fun in the warm and sunny weather, but it can get too much, especially for little ones. So pop a hat on and lather up in sunscreen from time to time, but make sure you’re spending plenty of time in the shade as well! 

Do a craft

Pull up a few cool crafts on Pinterest and try them out with the kiddos. Perhaps you can collaborate on a cool DIY home decor project. Maybe you can have a mini crafting contest. The possibilities are endless when it comes to kid-friendly crafts. So feel free to let your imagination run wild.

Have a family game day

Pull out some of your favorite board games, answer some trivia, and/or play a game of Never Have I Ever. Simply choose a few of your favorite games, and you are sure to fill the time in a fun way.

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