7 Important Questions to Ask Before You Move Out of State

by Rachelle Wilber
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Moving out of state can be an exciting and scary experience. You may be looking for a new job, new friends, or just a fresh start in a different place. But before you pack up your bags and move, there are some important questions you need to ask yourself in order to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. To help you get started, here are seven essential questions to consider before making the big move.

moving out of state

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What Kind of Job Opportunities Are Available?

Before moving out of state, it’s important to research what kind of job opportunities are available in the area you’re moving to. Do some online research or talk to people who already live there—find out what types of jobs are available, and make sure they match your skills and interests.


What is the Cost of Living Like?

It’s also important to consider the cost of living in the area where you’re planning on moving. You want to make sure that your salary will cover all your expenses—including rent, food, transportation, etc.—so do some research ahead of time so that you know exactly what kind of budget you’ll need when you get there.


Is There Enough Housing Available?

When considering a move out-of-state, it’s also important to determine if there is enough housing available for you and your family (if applicable). Take into account both rental available as well as home ownership options—you want to make sure that whatever type of housing you prefer is actually accessible once you arrive in your new location.


How is the Education System?

If you have children, then it’s especially important to consider how well-regarded the school system is in the area where you plan on moving. Do some research and find out if they offer any special programs or classes that might interest your kids—it’s always helpful if they can enter their new educational environment feeling excited about learning something new.


Are There Activities and Events for All Ages?

Depending on who will be coming with you when you move out of state, it’s essential that there are activities and events for everyone involved—from young kids all the way up through seniors! Research what kinds of recreational activities are offered within driving distance from where you’ll be living; this will give everyone something fun and interesting to do once they settle into their new home.


What Are Your Social Support Options?

Moving away from family and friends can be hard emotionally, but fortunately, there are several social support networks available these days that can help ease the transition process! Consider joining local Facebook groups or Meetup events geared towards people who share similar interests; this could help provide some much-needed emotional support during those first few weeks after arriving at your destination.


Are You Prepared Financially?

Finally, make sure that both mentally and financially prepared for a long-distance move like this one! Make sure that all bills have been paid off prior to leaving; line up any necessary funds for travel and moving expenses. Hiring a moving company, such as Redlands Moving and Storage, driving or flying, buying a new home or rental, all these costs add up. More planning ahead done now will ensure a smoother transition later down the road.



Making a move across state lines can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience; however, asking yourself these 7 questions before packing up shop will help ensure a successful relocation with minimal stress along the way! So take some time today to go over each item one by one—this will guarantee a smoother transition once it comes time for departure day.


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