How Whole House Humidifiers Can Improve Your Health

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Did you know you and your family can be protected from airborne diseases by maintaining the right humidity level in your home? Additionally, it can aid in easing symptoms, including itchy sinuses, dry skin, and itchy nose and throat. This is where whole house humidifiers come in handy.

Whole house humidifiers work hand in hand with your heating and cooling system to add water vapor to the air throughout the home. Adding moisture to the air can prevent dry winter conditions and help you sleep better.

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Reduces Dry Skin and Irritation

Increasing the humidity in your home’s air can help with some problems. Humid air can hydrate the nasal passages and reduce itchy skin and irritated throats. It also helps prevent hardwood floors and furniture from warping and keeps delicate electronics from damage by a static shock.

Using humidifiers can also help with a skin condition like psoriasis, which causes scaly patches of dry skin. But it can’t cure this skin disease, so consult your doctor for more relief options.

Additionally, humidifiers might aid in energy savings. You may maintain a lower thermostat setting and still feel comfortable after the humidity is back to normal. When the air is too dry, you must turn up the heat to feel warm. This may result in significant energy bill reductions. A whole-house system can also aid in preserving the quality of your ductwork for heating and cooling.

Reduces Asthma Symptoms

Nasal passages and sinuses may get inflamed when the air is excessively dry due to the cold weather and using your heating system. Breathing becomes much more difficult when these glands and tissues are aggravated because they create more mucus. By balancing humidity levels, a humidifier helps lessen this discomfort.

It also improves respiratory function and loosens phlegm, allowing it to be coughed or spit out more easily. This reduces asthma symptoms and allows you to sleep soundly.

However, using a portable or room humidifier will require you to check the humidity level with a hygrometer often to ensure it doesn’t become too damp. This might be a concern, especially if you have asthma symptoms all day or night.

Because it contains a built-in hygrometer, a whole-house humidifier has the benefit of being able to maintain healthy, balanced humidity levels by automatically adjusting its settings. Long-term, you can save time and money by doing this.

Reduces Cold Symptoms

If you suffer from sinusitis or chronic coughing and wheezing, your symptoms may be exacerbated by dry air. A humidifier can help by pumping moisture into the air, reducing dry skin and irritated sinuses.

Many viruses and bacteria thrive in dry environments, so keeping indoor humidity levels up is important. A whole-house humidifier can help by adding more water vapor to the air.

A whole-house humidifier installs into your home’s ductwork and releases water vapor. It’s monitored and controlled by your thermostat, just like your heating system, so the humidity stays stable all year round.

Moist air feels warmer, so you can keep your thermostat set lower in the winter and save money on your energy bills. It’s also great for house plants and wood furniture, which stay healthier with consistent humidity.

Reduces Static

Static electricity isn’t just annoying; it can damage sensitive electronics and create sparks that could ignite flammable gas or dust. Humidifiers reduce static by adding essential moisture to the air.

During the winter, you may feel more at ease if the humidity is perfect. For optimal comfort, relative humidity should be around 50 percent. Whole-home humidifiers allow you to control the moisture in your home’s air and keep it at your desired level.

Static electricity builds up more quickly in the dry winter air. You can use an anti-static spray on synthetic rugs and carpeting to prevent the charges from building up. Alternatively, you can add indoor plants to areas with softer floors, as certain species can naturally increase air humidity levels and lessen static.

Your furnace will run more efficiently, and you’ll spend less on electricity if you keep your home’s humidity levels at the right level.

So if you’ve been thinking about a home upgrade and haven’t yet invested in a whole house humidifier. Now may be the time to do so.

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