How to Stay Healthy While Traveling with Family

by Briana Marie
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stay healthy while traveling with family


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Summer is the time of year when lots of people pack their bags and prepare to re-energize themselves.

Under normal circumstances, summer vacations are all about chilling out, spending time in the open air, playing outdoor games, and putting certain responsibilities aside, at least for the time being.

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, however, carefree summer vacations seem more challenging. While you plan to have a good time with the family, you surely do not want to get sick while on vacation. 

While traveling, kids or babies need special care, and their accessories or things must be chosen carefully. Simple things such as having proper apparel including jackets and socks in case of cooler temperatures are just a couple of things to consider. And keeping socks on the baby’s feet is no simple task. Little kick, tug at the toes, and they are off!

So make sure you have socks on hand that will actually stay put on their tiny feet. Sock Ons are an ingenious and trendy solution to a very annoying problem and are becoming a necessary item that no baby (or sane parent) can do without!

 In this continuous COVID-19 pandemic, the need to get away from home and recharge feels more needed now than ever. 

Consider the safest way to get to your journey’s end, take necessary health precautions to keep yourself and your family healthy, and live every moment of life.

Keep your hands clean

The best way to block the path of germs is by washing your hands often.

This essential step often flew away from the mind in the hustle and bustle of our journey, but keeping your hands clean can be the most beneficial.

The key to keeping you and your family healthy while vacationing is to wash your hands regularly, particularly during these crucial times when you are likely to get and spread germs or viruses.

According to the Center for Disease Control, handwashing remains one of the great ways to prevent you and your family from getting sick.

A small bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer is also a preferable option. Hand sanitizers are an easy option to carry along with you to each child’s bag when traveling. 


Avoid germs with masks, neck gaiters, and bandanas

Wearing masks lowers the risk of getting infected by germs or viruses. With the rising situation of COVID-19, wearing a face-covering is more necessary than ever. While vacationing, people tend to forget about their health, but it can be perilous. 

Travelers hoping to spend their vacation along with their family in the great outdoors should consider the option of stylish and trendy bandanas and neck gaiters that can provide at least some degree of protection. Bio scarves or bio gaiters will also keep you and your family warm during traveling or on vacations. They also contain special filters to block the passage of germs and airborne contaminants.

Vacations are all about outdoor activities, So, don’t forget to put your masks on to protect yourselves and your loved ones. And live the joy of the moment as well!


Make healthy food choices and bring along vitamins

Whether you’re preparing for a flight or taking a road trip, appetizers or snacks are a must-have— particularly if traveling with young children. 

Wise food choices are the foundation of good health, especially on the go. On vacations, sure, you want to go for different cuisines and exciting foods, but it is vital to consume a balanced diet.

Consider taking along some of your food and drinks when traveling to make sure that you have a nutritious package on hand all the time. Healthy food choices lift your immune system and help keep your family healthy so you can make your life’s precious moments memorable forever.

Prioritize fruits and vegetables and other immune-boosting foods for optimal health while vacationing.

I also recommend bringing along any multivitamins for kids, throat sprays, or any other supplements like a daily vitamin for women that you would normally take when you’re not on vacation.


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Stay hydrated throughout the vacation

While enjoying yourself on a vacation, it can be a struggle to drink enough water. But bear in mind that flying and traveling to higher elevations can lead to dehydration.

Children often need plenty of water to keep themselves hydrated and energized. And proper hydration is equally important for adults. Keep a water bottle with you wherever you go and get a good flying start to the day by consuming at least two glasses of water.

Going on vacation does not mean your hydration routine gets to take a vacation too! Make an effort to consume plenty of water throughout the day.

person in blue and white polka dot pants in water

Protect your skin

While traveling to a destination, there are insects just ahead of you to spoil your vacation – none other than bugs, flies, and mosquitoes

While going for a vacation where mosquitos and other biting insects are widespread, make sure to take necessary precautions to protect your family’s health and prevent bug bites.

Just make sure everyone in the family use insect repellent, avoid mosquito’s hotspots, wears long sleeves and long pants, and wear light colors if possible. 

Use an insect net and recommended bug or mosquito spray on any uncovered areas. Mosquito bands or patches are also a preferable option for children.

Another way of skin protection comes in the form of applying sunscreen. While going outside or relaxing on a beach, be sure to protect your skin from UV rays and sun exposure by using sunblock. And keep yourself and your family healthy while vacationing.


Wrapping up:

Wherever you go, taking care of yourself and your family is necessary. The above tips will help you better enjoy your vacation because you would not have to worry about your health being compromised.

As a final note, it is always a great idea to have Travel insurance to assist with any emergency or medical expenses that could arise during your trip. Just something to keep in mind. 

Happy (and safe) travels!


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