How to Practice Gentle Parenting While Working from Home

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In a 2021 report by Owl Labs, 55% of employees say they work more hours when working remotely than at the physical office.

The same report reveals that only 36% of individuals believe that the office is an ideal place for individual work, according to Apollo Technical.

Working remotely from home has become the new normal since the pandemic.

For many people, working from home means they get to commute less, spend more time in the house, and enjoy quality time with their kids. 

However, having to work and take care of the kids at the same time can make you less productive and you might feel like a negligent parent. Fortunately, you can make working from home more comfortable for you and the kids by practicing gentle parenting.

mom working from home practicing gentle parenting

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This parenting style encourages parents to be aware of the behavior they model for their kids, welcomes compassion, emotions, and accepts children as whole, capable beings.

Below are a few ideas for gentle parenting when working from home. 

Create a Schedule that’s Best for Your Family 

When practicing gentle parenting, empathy must take center stage in everything you do. So, before setting your schedule for remote working, think about how it affects your children’s overall well-being.

Think about when the kids need your attention the most. Then plan to work when they are busy playing or doing their schoolwork. 

If the kids are too young to keep themselves busy, adjust your schedule around their routine. For example, plan to work when the kids are still sleeping early in the morning.

You can take a break during the day when they are active and finish your work after they’ve gone to bed.

When planning your schedule, encourage your kids that you have to work together as a family.

That way, you can complete your tasks and they can stay on track with school work. Then you can spend quality time with the kids while playing games or preparing meals.

Create a Designated Workplace

Setting up a home office in the garage or spare bedroom is an excellent way to deter the kids from asking questions or for favors during a conference call.

However, you might not have an extra room in your home that will allow you to work behind closed doors.

If that’s the case, consider transforming your living room into a productive workstation. There are several living room design ideas for remote working you can integrate into your interior design while being mindful of the kids. 

When designing your home office, think of personalization. Incorporate your favorite colors, design style, furniture, and textures.

Adding plants and pictures of family and friends can motivate you to work harder. It’s also wise to separate work from play to avoid distractions.

For example, integrating a design feature like a bookshelf can help define your workspace on one side and a reading nook for older kids on the other side.

You can even use a side table to separate your home office from the rest of the house. Then later, you can use the table as a snack and drink station for kids. 

Set Reasonable Boundaries

Another great way of gentle parenting while working from home is setting boundaries with reason.

This means setting rules with logical and justifiable reasons behind them. Instead of establishing strict rules you define as ‘because I said so’ when the kids ask why they can or can’t do some things, your rules should create a teaching opportunity for the kids.

For example, when you tell the kids not to disturb you as you work, don’t tell them it’s because you said so when they ask why.

Explain to them why you need ample time to complete your tasks. When kids understand why your boundaries matter, they are more likely to respect them. 

Practicing gentle parenting when working from home can help you stay productive and prioritize family time.

Since gentle parenting is all about empathy and accepting your kids as whole and capable beings, you need to set schedules that suit your family’s needs.

Also, design a productive home office with the children in mind and set reasonable boundaries. 

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