How to Keep Your Kid Busy – Even if You’re Stuck Indoors

by Anya Willis
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Let’s face it: Children tend to get bored easily when they’re stuck indoors.

For parents, this can be a nightmare if you don’t have a backup plan to keep them entertained — especially if you work from home.

However, these tips shared by Major League Mommy should come in handy in giving you some ideas on how to keep boredom at bay.

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Board games are always a fan favorite

Encouraging your youngster to play board games is an effective way to keep them entertained for hours on end.

Since there are so many different board games available, be sure to choose games that promote and encourage critical thought and problem-solving.

Give storytelling a go

Stories are among the things that few children can say no to, especially if it means quality, uninterrupted time with their parents.

Furthermore, stories can be interactive — so why not encourage youngsters to get involved in storytime? This is a great way to make the most of this bonding opportunity while also allowing your kids to express their imagination.

Get them to do art projects

Coloring is a fun activity as well. The fact that it is appropriate for kids of all ages is what makes it a go-to activity for many busy parents.

Additionally, coloring and artwork have many cognitive benefits, such as helping children to focus more clearly and concentrate for longer, as well as helping them to develop their fine motor skills.

Cooking can be fun too

Cooking and baking are fun indoor activities that also require you to be engaged with the process.

It also allows you to spend quality time with your child while encouraging their creativity.

Additionally, if your child struggles with reading and comprehension, reading recipes aloud will help them recognize words and comprehend sentence structure. They will also learn how to measure ingredients and convert measurements.

Invite a playmate

Invite one of your child’s friends over for an afternoon of fun. You can even help them meet new people.

Use an online database to reconnect with your former classmates who have kids of a similar age. You can spend time catching up together while your kids enjoy themselves.

Inventive science projects

Another technique to occupy inquisitive young minds for hours using scientific calculations and materials is to do DIY experiments.

Additionally, kids can improve their math and science skills at school because they will be putting into practice what they learned at home.

Beyond the educational opportunities, what kid doesn’t like to witness fun explosions in a safe environment where they can just enjoy the spectacle first-hand?

Entertaining them while you’re busy

Let’s say you work from home and have to leave the kids alone for long stretches of time, so you can get to work.

In this situation, you might let your kids have access to their tablet or computer, especially if they are engaging in educational activities.

This should free up time for you to finish your task while teaching them how to keep themselves occupied for a decent portion of the day.

Additionally, if you restrict screen time to a certain time of the day, they’re likely to look forward to it that much more.

It’s no easy feat coming up with ideas when it comes to ensuring your kids have fun no matter the weather.

However, look at what’s available to you and think of ways how you can tailor it to your home situation and what your kids enjoy doing in their free time.


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