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How To Feel Confident, Comfortable & On-Trend in Glasses

We have all been there; standing looking into your mirror, wondering how you could pull off a certain look. Maybe you’re casually turning from side to side, to see your new look from every angle.

When it comes to how we look, the truth is that most of us have a few hangups about our appearances, and that is perfectly normal. Of course, the issue is that when you lack confidence about something that you have to wear, such as your new glasses, it can be extremely difficult to manage. 

You see, normally when you don’t like something that you’re wearing you can just take it off, but when it comes to an essential like glasses, this isn’t an option, is it?

So instead, you have to learn to live with – and love – your new glasses and the look that they create for you. Of course, you could opt to get contact lenses eventually, but even then, you cannot wear contacts all of the time. It is worthwhile to take the time to find a way to learn to love your glasses and how you look in them. 

How to feel confident
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Wondering what steps you can take to learn to love wearing glasses? Below is a guide to a few useful steps you can try to improve how you feel when you’re wearing glasses!

Change your mindset

The first step is to attempt to try and change your way of thinking about glasses – ask yourself what it is that makes you not feel comfortable in them?

The fact is that glasses are actually on-trend right now, with many people opting to invest in and wear glasses that have plastic, non-prescription lenses just so they can incorporate glasses into their looks – that’s how popular glasses are. At one point glasses might not have been ‘cool’, but today glasses are extremely popular, so there’s no need to associate negative connotations with having to wear them. 

Treat yourself to multiple designs 

Glasses can act as a style accessory, an addition to your wardrobe, and your personal sense of style. So, instead of just buying one pair of glasses and wearing them all of the time, consider treating yourself to multiple frames, so that you can create a multitude of different looks.

By adding a number of different frames to your glasses collection, you can ensure that you have a wide range of options to choose from each day, making it easier to match your glasses to your outfit. 

Find the right shape to suit your face 

If you feel like you don’t look good in glasses, the chances are that it’s because you haven’t been able to find the frame shape that suits your face.

By taking the time to work out what glasses frame shape is a good fit for your face, you can change how you feel about the way that you look in glasses. Not sure how to work out what glasses shape is the best fit for your face shape? There are plenty of online tools that you can use – these tools take a photo of your face and use it to match your shape to the right style of glasses frames. 

Adjusting to wearing glasses isn’t always easy, but with the right approach, you can learn to love your new glasses and feel comfortable and stylish while you’re wearing them. 

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