How to Establish a Morning Routine for Kids That Actually Works

by Sarah Johnson
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As soon as your morning alarm sounds, chaos ensues. Coordinating everyone’s schedule in preparation for school or work can be quite a task – yet with careful planning, practice, and patience you can create an efficient morning routine that puts all members of the household ready to face each new day ahead of them.

Prepping family in time to leave before sunrise could easily turn into a recipe for disaster (or at least some minor upset!)

Although morning meltdowns happen occasionally, there are steps that can be taken to ensure our kids’ morning routine goes as smoothly as possible and set us up to start each day off filled with joy rather than whining or misery.

Here are a few helpful strategies for crafting an inspiring morning routine that encourages both positivity and productivity in the early hours.

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Establish sleep goals

The cornerstone of any successful morning routine for you and your family should be setting realistic sleep goals – as everyone benefits from quality sleep each night, not least parents and kids themselves! Sleep has been proven to improve brain development across age groups; therefore ensuring they get what is required at each age may become essential – get into a nighttime routine now so it benefits both them — and you – in the morning!

Prepare The Night Before

Believe it or not, there are many parents who don’t already do this! Pack lunches. Young kids love bento boxes because they keep things interesting while remaining relatively easy for parents to set up!

Additionally, enlist your child’s help when picking out clothing the night before or keep a selection of appropriate school wear at their level so they can quickly select an ensemble in the morning. Involving them in this decision-making process gives them more control of their daily morning routine and allows for some sense of agency within it.

Fuel Your Breakfast

For optimal success on school mornings, feed your family an energy-packed, high-protein breakfast to get started right. Even on hectic mornings, grab a protein bar or yogurt cup as soon as time allows to help strengthen decision-making skills and give more freedom in their morning routine. Make sure they drink water throughout their morning routine to promote overall well-being during their school day and ensure their minds and bodies stay focused! Additionally, ensure their children remain hydrated with enough fluids; hunger or dehydration could negatively impact students’ focus during classes!

Tips for creating a quick and nutritious breakfast

Rely on high-protein foods: For kids to stay focused and feel their best, foods with plenty of protein such as eggs, deli meats, peanut butter, and yogurt may provide much-needed nourishment and energy boosts.

Limit sugary foods: Although cereal may be popular among kids for breakfast, they do not provide us with sufficient fiber and protein needed for fuelling throughout our days.

Fruits and Vegetables: Bananas and apples make great breakfast options with peanut butter or almond butter to increase protein. If you have time, why not create a tasty sweet potato hash filled with vegetables instead?

Rise before Your Children

If you can, set your alarm 15-30 minutes earlier than when the children wake up for easier morning routines for all involved – hopefully showering, dressing, and packing your bags while having had enough coffee! Inevitably you and the rest of the family should begin off their days on an energetic note!

Adults also can reap the advantages of creating a routine–much like children do! Think about creating a morning ritual to start the day right well before your children do!

Other Tips to Make Your Morning Routine Smoother

In an ideal world, everything would run according to plan in the morning routine; unfortunately, though, life happens and things change quickly. When things do not go according to plan or we lose things or oversleep we should remember that you and your family are creating memories together during these chaotic moments and taking deep breaths knowing you will manage any situation! When that shoe goes missing or homework gets left behind take a deep breath – remember everything will work out okay eventually.

Here are a few additional strategies for simplifying and expediting the morning routine:

Expect Delays: Allow for any potential delays in your morning routine by getting up a bit early or leaving earlier than planned. If necessary, allow enough extra time.

Be flexible: Stay flexible by being open-minded about changes that arise, making adjustments as necessary, and remembering that everything doesn’t always fall into place at first glance.

Don’t be afraid to accept help: Whether it be a tutor, a carpool, a close friend or family member, or homework-helping tools, accepting help can be very beneficial. For example, a good essay writing service like SpeedyPaper could help your child save time in the evening by getting first drafts or essay outlines done so that your child can prepare for the morning routine the night before and not have to worry about completing last-minute assignments on the way out the door. Don’t worry, your child will still have to work on the final draft and put the finishing touches on their essay, and using this service will free up more time so more time can be spent on the final product.

Remain calm: Don’t panic; positivity goes a long way and every morning offers you another fresh opportunity!


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