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Sorting through family admin is one of those tasks that many of us dislike. Going through paperwork, arranging your finances, replying to letters and emails, calling companies to question a bill – it’s all hugely time-consuming and draining, especially given that there is sure to be a multitude of other ways you’d rather spend your time.

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Nevertheless, admin has to be done – but you can help to make it that little more manageable by following the ideas below…

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1) Keep your to-do list with you at all times

A to-do list is an essential for any admin. You need to know what you have already done, and what is still pending. However, many people find that they remember admin tasks when they are away from the house or at times when it is simply not convenient to add a reminder to their list. Often, this means that the task risks being forgotten – especially if it crops up at a busy time. To prevent this from happening, keep a copy of your up-to-date to-do list with you at all times. A Google Drive document you can access at your home computer and on your phone is particularly useful in this regard.

2) Do as much as you can, whenever you can

Even if you can only find 15 minutes a day to spend on admin, it’s still worth using that time to tick a few items off your to-do list. Setting aside an entire day to tackle things in one go is usually incompatible with family life, so a “little and often” approach can help you keep up to date without needing to transgress on the rest of your schedule.

3) Always focus on non-standard admin as a first priority

Non-standard admin tasks include anything that is not part of your usual admin routine year-in-year out; arranging to switch the mortgage on your home, dealing with a personal injury claim with the likes of Bey & Associates, filing your tax return, and so on and so forth. Non-standard tasks tend to more time-sensitive and urgent, so if time is short, always give these top priority and then move onto more standard, everyday admin tasks.

4) Invest in a dedicated filing cabinet

In a busy household, keeping track of every admin document – such as your cellphone contract, insurance policies, and bank account statements – is always a tough ask. To ensure you always have access to the files you need, investing in a filing cabinet is by far the best choice. A dedicated cabinet for all of your paperwork allows you to centralize everything, and if you need to find paperwork in a hurry, you’ll know exactly where to go to find it. When your filing cabinet is in place, set a rule that any documents you remove will always be returned to their place by the end of each day.

In conclusion

Admin will always be a fact of life, but the ideas above should help you exert a measure of control over how long it takes, so you can focus your time on the things you actually enjoy.

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