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How to Homeschool Like a Pro
New to homeschooling? Use these tips to find success!

  • Get organized
  • Connect with other homeschooling parents
  • Be open to learning
  • Be patient
  • …and more!
Turn a Small Space Into a Homeschool Classroom
Use these tips to turn a small space into a well-organized homeschool workspace.

  • Have a dedicated storage space
  • Say “yes” to folding desks
  • … and more!
Homeschool Science Mistakes to Avoid
Avoid these homeschool science mistakes:

  • Generalizing the names for science- Be specific and describe the type of science being taught.
  • Not testing
  • Not creating a lab manual for every class
  • …and more!

View the full guide to learn more.

More Resources

Life365 Portraits Back to School Photos

Don’t miss out on back-to-school photos! Have a professional photographer stop by your residence to capture images of your child for your own homeschool yearbook!

Better Speech

Take advantage of speech therapy services from the comfort of your home. 

Better Speech

Love With Food Snack Box

Get a box of all-natural snacks delivered straight to your doorstep for your homeschooled student(s).

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