Creating a Festive Wonderland: Holiday Home Refurbishment Ideas

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From November 1st to the New Year, families all across America will be preparing their homes, ovens, and schedules for the endlessly busy holiday season. Not only do social engagements get a shake-up, but home decor and refurbishments do too. Decor that features the season’s iconic characters, colors, and traditions will adorn homes in every community.

Finding unique and clever ways to refurbish your home to infuse some magic of the season doesn’t have to be difficult. Simple swaps, new and elegant pieces, and smart investments will transform how you decorate and transform your home with the holiday spirit every year.

We’ve got the best tips for you to create a festive wonderland in your home.

Holiday home photo credit: Tessa Rampersad via Unsplash
Photo credit: Tessa Rampersad via Unsplash

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Incorporate Your Pets Into Your Decor

dog wearing elf hat photo credit: Karsten Winegeart via Unsplash
Photo credit: Karsten Winegeart via Unsplash

The rate of pet ownership has skyrocketed each year, with 2020-2022 seeing some of the highest adoption rates in America. We have grown to love our furry, scaled, and feathered companions at home. Big box pet stores have started featuring pet enclosure furniture items, where a TV stand has an additional shelf to keep a small gecko. These multi-functional pieces are fantastic ways to bring your pets into main rooms without feeling out of place.

For fish and other water-loving pets, placing an aquarium in a central location is easier and looks elegant. Simply buy an aquarium that fits the dimensions of a bookshelf or other tall cabinet piece and slide the aquarium into the space. You can drill holes behind the back of the cabinet for the cords and any electrical wiring needed. Complete the look with seasonal decorative decals, wreaths, and lights around the furniture piece, and your aquarium friends will be celebrating the holidays right alongside you and your guests.

Update Your Accent Pieces for The Season

Every room in our home has at least one item that is a focal point – be it a colorful accent rug or delicate lighting fixture – which adds personality to the space. During Wintertime festivities, choosing to switch out a fixture for a seasonally themed option will easily dress up a room. Adding a new table runner and curtain fabric can transform a room in minutes as well. Finding the accents in each room that can become an expression of the holidays makes decorating a breeze. It’s also a budget-friendly, efficient, and equally impactful refurbishment for your home.

Looking for a more subtle way to indulge the senses during November and December? Take a tip from many real estate agents: boil water with dried or fresh apples, cinnamon sticks, a sprinkle of nutmeg, and ginger. Once it reaches a boil, let it simmer for as long as you like. It covers the room with delectable scents and smells, just like our childhood memories of waking up on a cold Winter day in anticipation of the upcoming holiday. During parties, everyone will be asking what you use for your home fragrance, and you can tell them it’s a truly natural and affordable secret!

Upgrade Your Lighting for a Wonderland Effect

holiday lighting in window photo credit: Alisa Anton via Unsplash
Photo credit: Alisa Anton via Unsplash

Looking to make an impactful statement with your decor? Invest in lighting that can be as expressive as you’d like! Shop for intricate and elegant chandeliers or lighting fixtures that look like a snowy Winter day itself.

Would you prefer a more casual and friendly option? Find a themed lamp, such as a jolly Santa or Rudolph the Reindeer, that will keep you and your visitors smiling. While you’re busy preparing snacks and hosting parties, your guests will love seeing the unique lighting you have chosen to put on display.

Would you prefer a more modern and streamlined lighting effect for the season? Invest in smart light bulbs to place in your living, dining, and bedroom fixtures. All smart light bulbs are LED, making them environmentally friendly home decor, and have features through smartphone apps. You can adjust the lighting color, hue, and intensity.

Imagine creating the perfect holiday scene with classic multicolored lights that gently fade in and out or creating a truly holy night with silvery white and calming blue tones in a room. When the season is over, you can change the color back to anything you like or continually change the colors depending on the next upcoming holiday.

Man laying under christmas tree photo credit: Artem Kniaz via Unsplash
Photo credit: Artem Kniaz via Unsplash

Utilize Doorways and Hallways

Some of the best accents in a home are the smaller details that catch the eye. Infuse the holiday spirit without overwhelming your existing furniture and furnishings by placing wreaths, classics like strung cranberries and popcorn, or other draping pieces around doorways. Upon entering a bathroom, for example, guests will see and feel the magic of the season.

There are corner decals, or small wooden decor pieces, that sit on the top corner of the door and create a fun extension of your existing doorway. They come in many shapes and designs, from a Santa peeking around the corner to an exquisite ornamental art piece.

Similar to doorways, hallways have great potential for featuring home refurbishment and decor during the holidays. Hanging draping decor across the ceiling has a fun party effect, adding visual interest as someone walks through the home. There are also beautiful paper ornaments that can be hung as static decor, like a reindeer in flight or Santa and his sleigh. Many of these kinds of decorations can be DIY and made at home, making it a family event.

Christmas ornament photo credit: Bruno Martins via Unsplash
Photo credit: Bruno Martins via Unsplash

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, finding ways to make your space feel right at home is as simple as adjusting a few decor pieces and using these simple holiday home refurbishment ideas. Whether you’re upgrading to color-changing smart bulbs, hanging homemade popcorn strings, incorporating elegant lighting, or another simple swap, your home will become a festive wonderland that will make everyone feel the magic of the season.

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