These Hilarious Minute-to-Win-It Games for Kids Are So Worth It

by Briana Marie
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Minute to Win It games have gained immense popularity among kids, as they offer a fun and exciting way to keep kids engaged and entertained. These fast-paced games, played against the clock, are seriously so much fun.

They not only bring laughter and joy but are also an exciting way to fill the time at parties and other engagements. Minute to Win It games promote teamwork, encourage creativity, and enhance problem-solving skills in a thrilling and entertaining manner.

So if you’re looking for some silly and easy minute to win it games to use at home or during your next classroom party or family reunion, you’re in the right place.

Let’s get to it!

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Silly Minute to Win It Games for Kids

Stack Attack

To play this game, players need to stack a tower of plastic cups in a specific pattern within one minute. The challenge lies in the speed and precision required to stack the cups without toppling them over. You can add a competitive element by allowing teams to compete against each other.

This is a fun game to try with different age groups! You could even modify the game so that the goal is to stack your cups to build the tallest tower within one minute.

All you need for this game are the players and some plastic cups (this is the perfect opportunity to pull out those red cups, but you could also use some good ol’ fashioned paper cups as well).

Cookie Face

In this hilarious game, participants place a cookie on their forehead and have to move it into their mouth using only their facial muscles. Yep, they cannot use their hands! This task will be made even more difficult by setting a one-minute time limit and awarding points to the player who successfully eats the most cookies.

This is actually one of the minute to win it games we decided to play at my daughter’s birthday party a few years ago. Her birthday theme that year was “game night” so we included some of our favorite family game night picks as well as several minute to win it games such as this one. It was so funny to watch and I am SO glad I captured the madness on video.

Movin’ On Up

This game involves arranging a stack of plastic cups in a pyramid shape by transferring them one by one from a larger stack to a smaller one. Participants race against the clock to complete the pyramid within sixty seconds.

You can also spice up the competition by allowing players to challenge each other and see who can build the highest pyramid in the shortest time.

This is another game that is simple enough and great for kids of all ages – even younger players! As a matter of fact, for young children, this is a great way to build those fine motor skills.

Junk in the Trunk

Attach an empty tissue box filled with ping pong balls to the backside of each player’s waist. The task is to shake, jump, and wiggle until all the balls come out of the box within one minute. This game will most definitely bring loads of laughter and entertainment as kids try to free the ping pong balls from their “trunk.”

I have also seen people use tennis balls inside a bucket for this game. However, since ping-pong balls aren’t as big or heavy as a tennis ball, I think they’re the better choice in this case. But just know this is another option.

This Blows

There are several different ways to play this particular game. I will discuss just one of those ways for the purpose of this post.

Line up 15-25 plastic or paper cups along the edge of a table. Each player will have one minute to blow air into a balloon and then squeeze the air out of it to knock each of the cups off of the table. Of course, the goal of this game is to clear all cups from the table within 60 seconds.

Cotton Ball Scoop

Players need to scoop cotton balls from one bowl to another using a spoon held in their mouths. They must complete the task within a minute, and the player who transfers the most cotton balls wins. To make it even more challenging, you can introduce obstacles on the way to the other bowl.

If you don’t have cotton balls, you could always use jelly beans, lucky charms, or other small objects as an alternative. I played this game with my daughter’s class for a holiday party we had a few years ago and the kids absolutely loved it! At first, they all thought they had a pretty good chance of completing the task in just a minute, but they soon learned that this game wasn’t as easy as it sounds. But they all had such a good time and wanted to play it again and again.

This was a group of first graders so I can confirm that this game is another one that works well with younger children and I highly recommend it. Of course, because you’re using small objects, I would be careful with really young kids around.

Candy Cane Connection

For this game, you’ll need a handful of candy canes, a timer, and some willing participants. The objective is simple: using only their mouths, players must connect as many candy canes together as possible within one minute. The catch? They can’t use their hands! The player with the longest connected candy cane chain wins. (Psst… this is also a really great game idea for a Christmas game night or holiday party).

Noodle Tower Challenge

For this exciting challenge, gather a bunch of uncooked spaghetti noodles and mini marshmallows. Each player receives a pile of noodles and a handful of marshmallows. The goal? Build the tallest tower using only the noodles and marshmallows within one minute. The catch? The tower must stand on its own without any additional support. Be prepared for some wobbly creations, but also some creative engineering masterpieces!

Bottle Flip Mania

If you’re familiar with the popular “bottle flipping” trend, you’ll love this game. Grab a few empty 2-liter bottles, and arrange them in a straight line on a table or flat surface. Each player takes turns flipping the 2-liter bottle, attempting to land each one upright within one minute. The player who successfully flips and lands the most bottles wins. It’s a simple concept, but the challenge lies in the finesse and technique required to achieve a perfect flip. So, get ready for some competitive bottle-flipping action that can definitely encourage a few laughs!

Noodle Madness

Here we have another game that uses an uncooked spaghetti noodle. (Who knew spaghetti noodles could be so much fun?) The object of the game: players use only spaghetti noodles held in their mouths to pick up and transfer as many penne pasta pieces as possible from one plate to another in a minute. The player with the most penne pasta pieces wins. Make this game even more engaging by using different types of pasta or creating a relay race.

Wrapping Up

Minute to Win It games are honestly some of the best party games. Not only are these game ideas a great way to engage in some friendly competition, but they can also be used for both smaller groups and larger groups of all ages.

So whether you’re looking for some silly game ideas for younger kids, older kids, (or even adults!), these simple games should definitely be added to your list!

Feel free to share some of your favorite minute to win it games for kids and adults in the comments!


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