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As many of you know, I did gymnastics for many years up until I went off to college. So, perhaps I am bias when it comes to my sport of choice. However, my 2 daughters (ages 4 and 7), are also really into the sport. My 4 year old is in her third year of gymnastics, and my 7 year old is now in her fourth year. I also work part-time at our local gymnastics training center. As you can see, we really just can’t seem to get enough of gymnastics. If you have been considering enrolling your child in gymnastics, you will definitely want to keep reading. Gymnastics is a Really Great Sport For Kids, and Here’s Why…

Here are some of the reasons you should get your child enrolled in gymnastics...

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Through gymnastics, children can learn discipline. Gymnasts must closely follow their coach’s instructions and make adjustments as necessary. It is also a sport that requires a great deal of patience and perseverance to master new skills.

Increased flexibility

Flexibility helps us to avoid injury, not only in sports, but throughout our daily routine in general!

Great exercise!

We all know how important that daily dose of exercise is! Gymnastics is a really great workout that the kiddos can actually have some fun with.

Here is why you should enroll your child in gymnastics

Improvement in social skills

Interacting with fellow teammates, and coaches, can help children to improve their social skills. They also learn to respect, and encourage, one another. These are great lessons to leans early on.

Improved Concentration and Focus

Gymnastics is great for children’s cognitive functioning! As children learn to follow directions, utilize proper safety procedures, and properly execute certain skills, their concentration and focus improves. This is something that can actually set our little athletes up for success in school!

Builds Strength

Gymnasts spend a great deal of time building the strength necessary to execute each move. This is the perfect opportunity for children to build up those muscles.

Improved Coordination

With improved balance and body awareness gained through the sport, athletes may find that their overall coordination has greatly improved.


There are many more benefits to this wonderful sport (but I will keep it short today), and that totally explains why I am just so obsessed.  If you are ready to dive into the wonderful wonderful of gymnastics (or any sport) with your little one, I highly encourage you to check out this list of Dos and Dont’s for Parents With Young Athletes

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