Genius Space Saving Ideas for Your Nursery

by Erika Robertson
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As you go through nursery checklist after nursery checklist, many new parents find that their baby’s nursery fills up quickly. In most cases, space is limited, and finding new ways to pack more essentials into your baby’s room becomes a constant challenge. You want to maximize convenience without compromising safety or spending a fortune. Hitting all three points isn’t always easy!

Fortunately, a handful of clever uses of a small nursery space can free up more room than you might expect. It won’t magically make your nursery bigger, but these ideas can certainly help minimize clutter and get the best use out of a tiny space.

So let’s talk about it. 

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Space Saving Tips for Small Nurseries

Under-Crib Storage

When space is tight, one of the first places everyone considers is under the crib. This can be a really great option if you’e low on storage space. We all know that babies can end up with plenty of items that need to be stored away.

It’s important to consider that under-crib drawers are convenient and easy to use, but they can get costly in a hurry — especially if you try to match the style of the nursery. If you want a more affordable option, consider storage baskets that can easily slide under the crib. They’re perfect for baby clothes, baby toys, extra blankets, and linens, and they look a little more polished than a lot of plastic storage bins. That said, if plastic storage solutions solve your problem and are friendlier on your wallet, go for it!


If your nursery includes a closet, hangers are a natural choice, but they also work well even without closet space. You can place hangers on the wall (similar to a wall-mounted coat rack).

Perfect for hanging your baby’s next outfit or anything you want to access quickly, the wall mount combines well with clothes hangers and can even include wall shelves.

Another simple option includes door hangers or a door organizer

They start as simple as a few extra hooks to hang things, but you can get a whole lot more. Door storage can include baskets and other nursery organization tools that squeeze a little more storage out of your limited space. Best of all, hangers don’t cost a fortune, and you can easily paint or stain them to match the nursery (or just stick with neutral colors).


It may not seem like it, but floor lighting eats up valuable space. If your nursery contains a floor lamp or any other free-standing lights, a simple upgrade gives you more freedom.

A plug-in wall sconce, LED strips, or wall-mounted lamp provides excellent lighting. Better yet, no internal wiring is needed. It’s an affordable way to get lights off the ground to squeeze more space out of your nursery.

You can also get creative! Hang string lights for a fun, unique feel to the room. Light up the ceiling with a light projector. You can even use a modern aquarium as a light source and focal point.

Using Other Rooms

With a little planning, the other rooms in the house increase your nursery storage in ways that make sense. Naturally, you don’t want to just throw all of the nursery items elsewhere, but some items actually fit better in other places.

For example, toys can remain in a living room or other family space. After all, where does your baby play with toys the most? Similarly, diapers and baby wipes go where you do the most changing (with a smaller supply ready in the nursery). If you have a changing station or traditional changing table in your baby’s nursery or elsewhere in the home, you can use it to store the items you use during changing times. You can even store most of the clothes and linens in a closet or your own room — only leaving a few outfits and linens on hand in the nursery if you find that you don’t have enough room in your nursery closet.

A Rolling Cart

Take the idea further with a rolling cart. Top it with a changing pad and fill it to the brim with the items your baby needs the most. This cart stays with the baby so that you have easy access to items that the baby will need throughout the day.

While your bundle of joy is in the nursery, the cart can eat up some floor space. When the baby leaves, so does the cart.

The mobile storage makes it so much easier to keep track of baby essentials like bibs, a change of clothes, spare bottles, and extra diapers. Yet, it never has to clutter the room you’re using unless you need it.

Second-Hand Furniture

It’s tempting to get a dresser and other furniture that will last even as your child grows. If you have the space for that, great! If not, consider a smaller dresser for the baby with the intention of replacing it later.

To keep this from pricing you out of your home, look into second-hand options. You can save a ton of money, and with smaller furniture in the nursery, you can improve how you utilize the space.

By the time your child is ready for a bed and bigger furniture, the nursery will have to change anyway. Try to make the transition easier on yourself.

Combine Storage With Your Changing Table

The changing table is pretty much a must-have in any nursery. There are tons of options, but when space is limited, you will definitely want a storage area underneath that table. One of the easiest options is simply to place a changing table on top of the dresser. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here.

If that option doesn’t work for any reason, you can put shelves above your changing table. Also, consider all-in-one furniture that creates storage options under the table.

File Folding

Perhaps the best way to save space is to pack items more effectively. For anyone unfamiliar, file folding is a method where you fit clothes and linens into a drawer vertically instead of horizontally. In most cases, you can fit more of your baby’s clothes into a drawer this way, and it’s easier to see what you have. It saves space and time without the need to purchase or remodel anything. Drawer organizers can also help you to get more use out of your drawer space. 

​Final Thoughts

We hope these small nursery ideas have inspired you to remember that creativity and flexibility are key when designing space for your growing family. Even if you don’t have much space, you have options. A little creativity can free up space and get the best use out of a small room despite the square footage. It can also make your nursery more comfortable!

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