Should You Bring a Gift to a Gender Reveal Party?

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The gender reveal is such a precious moment of joy and excitement for everyone. From the fun of making multiple guesses and ideas, everyone wants this blessed event to be a source of ease and happiness for the couple.

But should you bring a gift to a gender reveal party?? The answer is simple.

gender reveal party photo credit Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels via
Photo credit: Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels via

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Do You Really Need to a Bring a Gift?

 You should not go to a gender reveal party without a special gift for the upcoming blessing.

But we understand how hard it gets to find a good present on this occasion. Because everyone wants to gift something thoughtful that will be useful for the baby or for the mother.

There are so many options with so many variations for gender reveal party gifts that you can easily get confused about deciding on a good one that you can easily get confused about deciding on a good one. 

This blog is especially for all those who have been invited to a gender reveal party but are yet to find a suitable gift for this event. We have narrowed down some fine and very useful ideas for gender reveal gifts. These will surely be helpful to you in your hunt for a nice present.

Although you may not know the gender of the baby in advance, you can still buy many amazing gifts that are unisex and can be used for either an infant girl or a boy. (You may even want to throw in a “Baby on Board” magnet for the parents’ cars).

Here are some great ideas that you might find helpful:

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Onesies & Rompers

Onesies and rompers are a neutral and versatile gift option for all parents and parents-to-be. They are lovely, easy to wear, safe, and ideal for newborns. No need to worry if you are thinking about size variations. You can buy the smallest size and it will definitely fit the baby. Even if you do not know the gender of the baby, you can buy many onesies which are perfectly suitable for both girls and boys.

Panda Character Onesie

Pandas are always adored by everyone. Whether it is a boy or a girl, they will be snuggly and lovely in this Baby Panda Onesie. This will be a nice option for gender reveal gifts. The benefit of the onesie is that the baby stays warm and safe from the cold, and it is suitable for all occasions. So parents can relax and enjoy watching their baby giggling and playing in these.

There are many more wonderful options available online and in-store as well.

Mommy-and-Me Onesie

A gender-neutral mommy-and-me onesie and t-shirt combo is a great idea. It can be suitable for both girls and boys which makes it even better.

Complete Family Outfit Set

If you want to take things up a notch, you can purchase matching t-shirts for the entire family. It is very trendy and an ideal gift option. This might even become the parents’ favorite gift. You can buy this as a gender reveal gift for both girls and boys.

Sailor Romper

A charming Infant Sailor Romper will definitely stand out as a gift. With blue stripes, anchor embroidery, and folded polo neckline, it gives off a convincing nautical image. It has a bottom snap closure for simple diaper changes. Both newborn boys and girls can wear it casually at home or for any occasion. Hence, it is a great gender reveal gift option.


This is another great option for gender reveal gifts. You can buy some good quality shoes that will not only look good but will keep the baby’s feet warm and protected. 

Knitted Baby Shoes

Knitted shoes are always in style and they are an absolutely stunning choice for all newborns. For the first year of life, these charming baby boots would make the ideal gift for the tiny ones. There is no irritation in these and they look gorgeously handcrafted, giving off vibes of being made by grandma. Also, shoes like these look lovely on tiny baby feet. They also come in different size variations, so you can buy the smallest ones for a newborn.


Baby slippers are a great gift idea. They look so cute, and they keep the baby warm. You can buy them in a neutral design that will look good on baby boys and girls.

Soft Bottom Baby Shoes

Purchase a quality unisex shoe for babies as your gender reveal gift. The little ones can remain comfortable in these. Baby’s sensitive skin is also protected from skin irritation due to the gentle insoles. As an added benefit, the infant shoes’ extra-thick cushioning keeps the feet warm and safe. 


Toys are something that babies never get tired of. Newborns are surrounded by toys all the time because they keep them amused. Their room is typically decorated with numerous colorful and lively toys. Play mats are always a great gift option for when baby is having tummy time. But here are some other cute and ideal gift toy options that you can give at a gender reveal party.

Caterpillar Plush Toy

Cotton-made plush toys are ideal for babies because they are soft and typically safe to play with. The bright, colorful silhouette of a caterpillar is great for keeping babies amused making this toy a nice addition to your gender reveal gift options.

Luminous Star Pillow

This toy is great for babies, especially at night. Many babies are night owls. They refuse to sleep at night, and as a result, their parents have to stay awake. Keeping the bright room lights on can make the parents exhausted. It is good to have dim lights so the baby remains amused and the parents can relax. Thus, this glowing star pillow is great for gifting to parents-to-be. The baby will remain amused and busy gazing at the star. It also looks adorable and placed in the baby’s room.


You can buy baby accessories like hats, beanies, socks, bibs, mittens or skin care bundles, etc. Such items are necessary all the time. They can make lovely gender-revealing presents.

Bear Cub Hat

These adorable hats with bear faces and ears are amazing options as a gift. You can get them in different colors. They are versatile and look lovely on babies. They are great for keeping the head and ears covered to keep them warm in cold weather. These are made from soft knitted cotton, so they are safe and non-irritating for newborns.

Bucket Hat for Infants

Bucket hats can really be a nice gift. They are soft and lightweight, hence suitable for the summer and spring seasons. This hat also provides shade from sun rays on hot summer days. They look good on babies with almost all outfits.

Thoughtful Gifts

Apart from clothes, shoes, and toys, many other thoughtful gifts can prove very beneficial in the long run. Such gifts can prove very beneficial for parents, making their daily baby chores easier or serve as a keepsake. Typically, gifts like these remain in use for a good period of time. So you can invest your gift-buying money on items like these for a gender reveal party.

Memory Book

If any of the parents-to-be are lovers of journaling or scribbling a daily diary, then this is a very thoughtful gift for them. This is Baby’s First 5 Year Memory Book that allows you to keep every first and adorable memory of your baby. The pages are very creative and aesthetically designed. Pictures, notes, or other memorable documents can be attached to make long-lasting moments and to relive the golden time when the baby grows up.

Multi-Function Diaper Bag

Diaper bags, are essential for all parents to have. Without one of these, you would not dare step outside the house. It is not an ideal way to keep all baby gear in regular bags as they are not great for such use. An actual diaper bag can store all the necessary items. This RUVALINO diaper bag also has insulated pockets to maintain the temperature of bottles and food. All these amazing features will make this item a great gift for gender reveal parties.

Milk Warmer

The bottle warmer device is such a handy and essential item that no parent can miss out on having. So this is the best option for the gift on the gender reveal. Bottle warmers can save time, energy, and resources used for warming the milk on the stove. All parents-to-be will definitely have this item on their checklist. So, you giving them this amazing bottle warmer as a gift will make the parents relaxed and they will surely love it.

Grooming Essentials

Babies, just like the rest of us have grooming needs, and you can help the parents out by gifting some quality supplies. Here are a few ideas:

Diaper Pail

As most people already know, babies go through A LOT of diapers, and that can turn your home into a stinky situation very quickly. Thankfully, inventions such as the Diaper Pail can help keep the stench down and release parents from the burden of constantly taking soiled diapers outside to prevent stinking up the house.

Safety Gifts

With a little one in the home, there will be plenty of childproofing that needs to be done. Consider gifts that can help in this area such as baby gates and plug covers.

Wrapping Up

Welcoming a newborn into this world is the sweetest and loveliest feeling of all. Parents have to start shopping for their little ones in advance to make sure everything is set up before the baby’s arrival. It can get out of budget or pricey for parents to get everything on their own because for a newborn baby it is never enough.

Gender reveal parties are a great way for you to help and show love to your friends and family members who are going to become parents. You can buy them amazing gifts like the above to make their shopping haul easier.

If you are not sure, you can also ask them if they require anything in particular that they have not bought yet. This way, you can get them what they actually need and their burden will also lessen. Whatever you select, make sure that it is good quality, durable, and safe for a newborn.  

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