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20 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas 2023

gender reveal ideas

Planning a gender reveal party is kind of a big deal these days.

But if you want to take this popular concept and do something a little bit different, here are some unique gender reveal party ideas to consider.

gender reveal ideas

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Creative Gender Reveal Ideas to Try Out

1. A gender-reveal cake that changes color when cut

It’s one color on the outside, but when you cut it open it tells a totally different story. Will it be blue or pink? Or both?



2. Have a gender reveal scavenger hunt

You can use a series of riddles to lead people around to find clues that will help reveal the gender.


3. Bust open a gender reveal piñata

Take turns swinging at the pinata until the pink or blue-colored treats fall from inside.



4. Send out gender reveal scratch-off cards

You can mail out scratch-off cards that reveal the gender when scratched. Remember to put a note on there for others to not share the news with others (who may have not received or scratched off their cards yet). The parents-to-be can do a big announcement once they receive news that all recipients have scratched their cards.



5. Light up the night sky with a gender-reveal sparkler

Send a firework or sparkler into the sky revealing the colors either pink or blue.



6. Have a gender reveal potluck

You can host a traditional potluck and one guest can be tasked to bring in a special dessert (that stays hidden until it’s time to reveal) colored in either blue or pink to reveal the gender.


7. Have a gender reveal game show

You can set up a game show-styled game where contestants have to solve a series of challenges to reveal the gender.



8. Have a gender reveal outdoor movie night

You can create concessions kits to hand out to guests. Before the movie, ask all guests to open their snack boxes to reveal pink or blue-colored movie snacks like popcorn and candy.


9. A box of chocolates with pink or blue centers

Present guests with a box of chocolates, one of the chocolates will be filled with either pink or blue. Let’s see who gets to the gender reveal chocolate first.



10. A “gender reveal” egg drop

Create egg drop parachutes for several colored eggs. Drop these parachutes carrying the eggs from up high and when they land, people will see the colored eggs resting inside.



11. Have a gender reveal laser tag game

Set up a laser tag game with willing participants. Inform the participants of which team is planned to win to reveal the gender. Will it be the Pink Team or the Blue Team?



12. Have a gender reveal using colored bubbles

Release pink or blue colored bubbles from a bubble gun to reveal the gender.



13. Have a gender reveal party where guests get a gift if they guess the gender correctly

Set up a box beside sheets of paper and pens so that people can privately place their votes. At the end, the host can reveal the correct answer and distribute prizes to those who guessed correctly.


14. Have a gender reveal using colored water guns

Have a water gun fight and one person will have the special water gun that will hold the pink or blue colored water revealing the gender.



15. Have a gender reveal baking competition

Invite friends and family over for a little friendly baking competition. Team Pink will make one recipe and Team Blue will make another recipe.

What they don’t know? The judges are totally biased and are selecting the team that reveals the proper gender. You all can enjoy trying the recipes afterward.



16. Have a gender reveal party in the pool

Use lights to change the pool water to either pink or a deep blue (you know, bluer than usual) and invite guests over for a pool party. They’ll all see the big reveal when they arrive. Special note: the lights will stand out better if you do an evening pool party.



17. Create a gender reveal volcano

This is a fun spin on a very popular science experiment.



18. Host a Whodunnit-styled gender reveal dinner

You can create a mystery-themed gender reveal dinner where guests have to work together to solve riddles and reveal the gender at the end.



19. Host a karaoke night

Use songs that repeatedly mention either “boy” or “girl” depending on the gender being revealed. Let’s see who catches on first.



20. Use color-changing cups

Present the parents to be with special color-changing cups. Fill them up with their drink of choice to reveal either pink or blue.



What are some of the most unique gender reveal ideas you’ve seen so far? Feel free to share in the comments!



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