Gifting With Humor: Funny Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

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What do you get when you cross a dad with a sense of humor? A whole lot of laughter and the perfect opportunity to share some hilarious gifts.

Many Dads appreciate gifts that make them laugh, especially on Father’s Day. So, if you’re looking to put a smile on your dad’s face, keep reading! We will be covering a variety of funny gift ideas to help you find the perfect funny present for your dad.


Dad laughing | EHStock from Getty Images Signature via
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Who’s a Good Candidate for The Funny Gifts on This List

If your dad has a playful personality and enjoys a good laugh, then he’s a perfect candidate for the funny gifts on this list. Whether he appreciates witty jokes, enjoys practical pranks, or simply has a cheerful spirit, these gifts are sure to hit the mark. Check out the ideas below to find the best fit for Dad’s unique personality.

Funny T-Shirts and Apparel

When it comes to funny gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with funny t-shirts. Imagine your dad wearing a shirt that says, “Dad Jokes Loading… Please Wait.” or “I’m the Dad, That’s Why.” These hilarious designs will definitely put a smile on his face and anyone else who reads these silly quotes.

You can also consider other apparel items like socks with funny prints, a tie with Dad’s face printed all over it, or hats with witty sayings. We’ve shared a few of our favorite options below.

I Don't Need Google Dad T-shirt |
“I Don’t Need Google” Funny Dad T-Shirt

Dad Joke Loading T-shirt |
“Dad Joke Loading” T-Shirt

I have Two Faults Dad T-shirt |
“I Have Two Faults” T-Shirt

Father Figure Dad T-shirt |
“It’s Not a Dad Bod…” T-Shirt

personalized face socks |
Personalized Socks With Picture

Gag Gifts and Novelties

For dads who appreciate classic pranks and slapstick humor, gag gifts and novelties are perfect. If you really want to take things to the next level, how about a Fart Air Filter or Shart Emergency Kit (as seen below)? For those looking for unique novelties, consider a bacon-scented soap or Hot Dog in a Bun soap. These unexpected gifts are sure to lead to plenty of laughter.

Shart emergency kit | ForAnyOccasionGift via
Shart Emergency Kit

Dadvil pill bottle | RxGrins via
Dadvil Pill Bottle Label

bacon soap | AubreyESoaps via
Bacon-Scented Soap

Corned beef hash candle | PutaWickinItCandles via
Corned Beef Hash Candle

Humorous Books and Games

If your dad loves to laugh and enjoys a good read, consider gifting him a funny book. A collection of dad jokes is always a hit, or you could go for a parody of a classic novel with a comedic twist.

If your dad prefers interactive fun, we recommend hilarious party games or adult games with a comedic element like in the ideas below.

New dad same bad jokes book |
New Dad, Same Bad Jokes

Dad and Me Setting Farts Free Picture Book |
“Dad And Me Setting Farts Free” Read Aloud Picture Book 

Bad Choices Adult Party Game |
Bad Choices Party Game + After Dark Edition

Personalized Funny Gifts

To add a personal touch, why not customize some funny gifts for your dad? Get a mug with an inside joke or an embarrassing photo printed on it. There are also services that allow you to create personalized comic strips or caricatures, which can capture your dad’s unique sense of humor and create a truly memorable gift. We discovered some really cool finds on Etsy to help you out.

personalized comic | aronbeancomics via
Personalized Comic

Family feud group character pic | MyArtGifts53 via
Family Feud Group Caricature Portrait

yellow group character pic | TunToonDesign via
Yellow Character Family Portrait

Other Funny Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

In addition to the gift ideas mentioned above, there are plenty of other funny gift options for Father’s Day. You could consider a funny wall calendar, a silly desk toy, or even a subscription to a comedy podcast. The key is to tailor the gift to your dad’s sense of humor as well as his interests.

identify as water leather can cooler |
“I Identify as Water” Leather Can Cooler

toilet mini golf |
Toilet Mini Golf Toy

Wrapping Up

The right silly gifts can bring joy and laughter, making them a perfect choice for Father’s Day. So why not get creative and have fun shopping for the perfect humorous present? Your dad will surely appreciate the effort and the laughter it brings.

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