Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift for Any Occasion

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Gifting money may sound impersonal or too casual to be a gift at first, but hear this out. You can turn what seems like a boring or straightforward gift into a memorable experience with these creative money gift ideas.

Need help with what to get your kids or loved ones for Christmas or their birthday? Cash is the ultimate one-size-fits-all gift. You could always gift some cash so they could spend on whatever they want.

You no longer have to worry about getting the wrong dress size or a color they won’t like. Especially kids, because they tend to be picky with what they like. With cash, you avoid the awkwardness of receiving a gift you don’t want. No more pretending to love that fluorescent green sweater with blinking LED lights – you get what you truly desire.

However, that does not mean that the gifts have to be devoid of any meaningful gestures. The whole point of a gift is to show gratitude and love. Especially on a holiday like Christmas, it is necessary to show off the holiday spirit.

Are you looking for some creative ways to gift money to add some extra excitement to the celebration? Keep reading for innovative ideas!

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Christmas Baskets with a Twist

Who said Christmas gifts have to be wrapped in a red sheet when you can gift luxury Christmas hampers or a gift basket instead? Look up companies that can take the gifting experience to a new level. Send your loved ones a basket full of quality savories and sweets, with a bottle of their favorite wine.

Oh, and remember to tuck some cash in the basket by placing it in a festive Christmas card or a fancy envelope. You can also use holiday-themed origami papers to sneak some cash inside. For example, you can fold bills into Christmas trees, stars, or Santa Claus shapes and nestle them among the other goodies in the basket. They’ll love the additional surprise!

Money in a Balloon Bouquet

Flower bouquets are overrated when you can step up your gift-giving game by placing cash inside helium balloons. Hand your loved one a pin and watch their delight as they pop each balloon to reveal the hidden cash surprise. This is a cute money gift idea that the recipient definitely won’t be expecting.

Remember to add some weight to hold the bouquet together- you wouldn’t want the surprise to fly away before it’s popped.

Cash Puzzle

Transform your cash gift into a challenging puzzle – kids and adults love friendly competition. Purchase a clear plastic puzzle and place the money inside before assembling it. Hand the puzzle over and let the recipient solve it to access their cash. You can make it even more intriguing by providing hints or clues related to the occasion.

You get to watch them as they struggle to solve the puzzle!

Money in a Piñata

Who says piñatas are just for kids? It is time to embrace your inner child and swing away. Stuff a piñata with rolled-up bills and let the fun begin. Watching your loved one swing away to reveal the cash inside will be an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to provide a blindfold and a sturdy stick for maximum hilarity.

Scavenger Hunt

Want to transform a boring party into an event filled with laughter and competition? Create a scavenger hunt with a cash prize at the end. Write a series of clues or riddles, each leading to the next location where a small amount of money is hidden. The final clue should take them to the grand prize – a larger sum of money or the main gift. That adds the element of surprise and excitement, which would otherwise be a boring, thoughtless gift.

The Money Cake

Birthdays no longer have to be predictable. Instead of a traditional cake, create a “money cake” by rolling up some bills and building them into layers. Don’t worry a DIY Money Cake isn’t as complicated as it sounds. And you can find a tutorial here!

Cash Confetti Cannon

Ever dream of being showered with money? Well, it can happen quite literally. Load a confetti cannon with rolled-up bills instead of confetti. When the cannon goes off, it will rain money! Just be prepared for some laughter and chaos as your loved one gathers up their unexpected windfall.

Also, nobody has to clean up the confetti mess anymore!

Notepad – But Made Of Money

No more gifting money in an envelope – it is time to think outside the box. A notepad made of real money is a dream come true. You only need a cute notebook, some money, and a stapler to secure the bills on the pages. Make sure it’s easy for them to remove the bills without accidentally tearing them off.

For brownie points, add a thoughtful message on every page so that they are reminded of you every time they use the notebook. Also, make sure that you get a normal-sized notebook. The bigger the notebook, the lighter your wallet!

Personalized Piggy Bank

Start by selecting a simple piggy bank. We say simple because adding a personalized touch by painting or hand engravings is better if it’s a wooden or a plastic piggy bank. Make sure to doll it up because kids love anything that’s bright and shiny. All you have to do next is add cash and a lot of coins inside. Bonus point if you add a thoughtful, personalized message.

This gift will teach them about the importance of saving while enjoying the cash inside.

Money Tree

If your kids have ever wondered if a money tree grows dollar bills, it is time to make their dream come true. Not only is it aesthetic, but it is also believed to bring money, good fortune, and prosperity. Thoughtful, right?

You can always make it ironic by attaching dollar bills in between its branches or leaves.

Money Giftwrap

It is time to eliminate the same old gift-wrapping sheets and DIY your own. Wrap your gift in a sheet made out of dollar bills. They would love the gift even before they open it!

Wrapping Up

Gifting cash does not have to be thoughtless – you can always add an element of thoughtfulness and surprise by giving it a personalized touch. Be it a Christmas basket or a money tree (quite literally), these fun money gift ideas will definitely make the moment unforgettable.

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