The Fun and Easy Way to Teach Your Kids Chemistry at Home

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Believe it or not, teaching your kids chemistry at home can be both fun and easy and it can definitely be worthwhile!

Learning chemistry at a young age can also have numerous benefits, including developing critical thinking skills and fostering a curiosity about the world around them.

So today, let’s talk about some ways to make learning about chemistry (from the comfort of one’s own home) both easy and fun.

kid doing chemistry at home photo credit:  ธนารักษ์ วรการเดชา's Images via
Photo credit: ธนารักษ์ วรการเดชา’s Images via

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Why Teach Your Kids Chemistry at Home?

First things first, why should you even bother exploring chemistry with your kids at home?

Well, chemistry is an integral part of everyday life. Understanding basic chemical principles can help kids make sense of the world around them and help them develop critical thinking skills.

For example, they can learn why certain foods taste sour or how a particular soap works to clean dirty dishes. They can even learn why certain substances make fires grow while others extinguish them.

Basically, by teaching chemistry at home, you can provide your kids with a solid foundation in this particular area of science. These concepts can be used to their advantage throughout life.

You may even help them discover a new interest or career path.

The Benefits of Using MEL Science Kits for Your Chemistry Experiments

MEL Science Kits are a monthly subscription box explicitly designed to make learning about science fun and engaging for kids. They offer a hands-on approach allowing children to explore chemical reactions safely and in a controlled environment.

These kits also include the vast majority of all the necessary materials (for some experiments you need to provide things like water) and detailed instructions, making it easy for parents to guide their children through these mind-blowing experiments.

They also provide video lessons to make things even easier!

Fun Experiments to Explore Various Areas of Science Using MEL Science Kits

  • Create a spring force racecar (STEM)
  • Build a device to show how infinity may look (Math)
  • Make sand that never gets wet (Physics)
  • Make incisions in artificial skin using a real scalpel (Medicine)
  • Use a lemon to light up a diode (Chemistry)

How to Get Started with MEL Science Kits

To order MEL Science Kits and get started with teaching chemistry to your kids at home, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the MEL Science website HERE.

2. Browse the available subject matters and choose the ones that suit your child’s interests.

3. Select a subscription option: monthly, quarterly, 6-month, or yearly.

4. Provide the necessary shipping and payment information to checkout!

5. Wait for your monthly kits to arrive at your doorstep!

Final Thoughts

You can easily teach kids chemistry at home in an exciting way using MEL Science Kits. These kits provide an engaging and hands-on learning experience that sparks curiosity and truly makes learning fun.

Ultimately, by conducting experiments and following step-by-step instructions, children develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and scientific reasoning skills.

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Eli Richardson December 4, 2023 - 9:29 am

Recently, my aunt mentioned she’ll be homeschooling her sons next year. She’s putting together fun and educational activities for the kids, so I think she’d be interested in reading your tips. Thanks for explaining that we’d teach chemistry to our children since it helps them develop critical thinking.


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