Fun Ways to Celebrate Friday the 13th With Kids

by Briana Marie
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Here at Major League Mommy, we are always finding ways to insert some fun into our lives. And Friday the 13th is another opportunity for us to add a little excitement to our calendars.

And if you’re thinking about having some fun on Friday the 13th with the family, we have rounded up a few ideas to help you get the festivities started.

friday the 13th party

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1. Make a good luck charm

Put a positive spin on Friday the 13th by creating good luck charms you can carry with you anywhere you go.


2. Make a baker’s dozen of cookies or doughnuts

I personally feel that any celebration should include some tasty treats. So why not use this opportunity to make a baker’s dozen of one of your favorite desserts such as cookies, cupcakes, or doughnuts?


3. Watch a scary movie

If your kids can handle it (my kids are super into scary movies, so this is a must-do on our Friday the 13th bucket list), you can spend the evening watching a scary movie with popcorn or any other snacks you choose.


4. Buy a scratch-off lottery ticket

Many people like to test their luck on Friday the 13th. And buying a scratch-off lottery ticket is a safe way to do just that. Plus, the kids usually enjoy the scratching off part of it. And who knows? Maybe you’ll stumble across some extra money in the process.


5. Make a list of 13 things you love about yourself

This is another way to bring some positivity into Friday the 13th. Everyone can make a list of 13 things they love about themselves. This is a really fantastic act of self-love and it can be interesting to see what things people add to their lists.


6. Decorate the house in Halloween decoration

If you’re the kind of person that likes to put a spooky spin on Friday the 13th (or someone who just loves Halloween), this is the perfect opportunity to bring those Halloween decorations back out.


7. Have a Friday the 13th party

You can take any of the ideas from this article, add your own little flavor and have a full-out Friday the 13th party. And if you really want to get into the spirit, you can invite exactly 13 guests to the festivities.


8. Read 13 pages of a book

The bookworm in me just couldn’t resist. If you’re looking to do something that’s a little less rowdy. You can simply read 13 pages of a book with the family.


9. Find a building with a 13th floor

Get out of the house and go on an adventure as you try to find a building that has a 13th floor. You may also choose to find a building that skips the 13th floor.


10. Have a campfire fire with spooky stories

If weather permits, you can host a campfire complete with spooky stories. And if the weather isn’t cooperating, you can move the fun indoors by having an indoor “campfire.” We’ve done this in the past and we used orange and white string lights to create the illusion of a fire as we circled around with our microwave-warmed s’mores and told scary stories. It was actually a pretty awesome experience.


11. Make a recipe using Lucky Charms

Speaking of luck, why not try one of these fun and unique Lucky Charms recipes?


12. Write a poem that is exactly 13 words

Put your creativity to the test and maybe even share a few good laughs as each of you work to construct a poem that is exactly 13 words long.


13. Have a Friday the 13th Scavenger Hunt

You can create your own scavenger hunt for the kids to find 13 items around the house. Or, if you prefer, you can use one of these premade Friday the 13the Scavenger Hunts.



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