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by Briana Marie
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We all have those moments when we’re feeling a bit anxious or panicked. This is a totally normal human response. It only becomes an issue when we struggle to bounce back from these feelings of panic.

In those moments, when you’re struggling to calm your mind and return to a normal (and healthy) breathing pattern, you need to do what you can to bring your heart rate to a normal level. I know, this isn’t always easy especially when you’re under an excessive amount of pressure. That is why I want to discuss the one tool I use to help me quickly find my breath and bounce back asap.

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My History

If you have been following Major League Mommy for any amount of time, you may already know about my battle with anxiety. And while I do have a pretty good handle on my anxiety now, it has taken a lot to get to this point (especially when I was previously battling depression simultaneously).

I won’t dive into much detail about my history as I’ve discussed it quite a bit on Major League Mommy in the past but just wanted to give a little tidbit on this for those who are not yet familiar.


How CalmiGo Helps Me Find Instant Calm

As a certified yoga teacher, I definitely know how important the breath is. But even I sometimes forget to use it — especially when I’m caught up in the moment.

I bring my CalmiGo along with me everywhere as a reminder to get back to the breath. And I love the aspect of aromatherapy they include in this little device to really help me kind of reset.


How to Use

I highly recommend you check out my instructional video for details on how to set up and use your CalmiGo device. But it’s pretty simple for the most part.

  • Exhale into the device and wait for the three lights and/or optional vibration to go off
  • Inhale {your selected scent]
  • Repeat for up to 3 minutes

Again, make sure you check out the video I linked above for the full unboxing, setup, and use. I break it down in clear steps so you can quickly be on your way to finding that instant calm.


Where to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing a CalmiGo for yourself, you can find it here. And make sure you use code MAJORLEAGUEMOMMY to get $30 off your order!


It is possible to calm your mind almost instantly and I am so happy that there are products out there to help us do just that. The gift of breath is a seriously underrated blessing and it is our greatest healer. Make sure you use it mindfully.



  • Briana Marie

    Briana Marie is a mental health and financial literacy advocate, and founder of Major League Mommy. In her spare time, Briana enjoys yoga, travel, and spending time with her Husband and two daughters.

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