3 Tips Women Can Use to Find Their Dream Career

by Anya Willis
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As a woman, you’re more likely than a man to be working in the wrong field or have a career that’s not aligned with your interests. There are several reasons for this.

Historically, women have had less access to the kind of training, mentorship, and networking opportunities than men have.

Women are also the victims of unconscious bias in the workplace, oftentimes being looked over when training and education opportunities become available. And finally, women face more pressure than men regarding work/life balance, keeping them home for longer periods of time and missing out on career opportunities.

But a career change in order to bridge that gap between where you are and where you want to be is something you shouldn’t put off doing. The opportunities are there, you just have to know where and how to look for them.

Major League Mommy is the place to be for all harried and hurried women who need a safe space to receive guidance and encouragement and unlock the best version of themselves. So let’s talk about a few tips you can use to find your dream career.

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How to Find Your Dream Career

Look at Opportunities for Growth Within Your Current Company

You may not need to look for a new job outside your current company, you could make an internal career change with a promotion. If there are opportunities for advancement where you are to move into a position that’s more suited to your goals, then a promotion could be your next move.

Build a strong network within the organization and seek out mentors who are willing to guide and offer advice, ensuring you’re taking all the right steps toward the position you desire. Then take on extra responsibilities to show that you’re capable of doing the job.

Make sure your manager and immediate supervisor know of your interests. Learn what exactly the position requires and compare those with your experience and skills. If you meet those requirements, then make plans to request the position.


Use Jobs as an Opportunity to Explore

Research companies and industries that align with your interests, talents, skills, and experience. See what opportunities are available, their hiring requirements, and pay and benefits packages.

Network with people in the field. Get to know them and make sure they know you’re looking for opportunities in that area. They may be able to advise you on the steps you should take to reach your goal and the places and people to reach out to.

Create a plan for making the move. Outline what steps you’ll take and make them into goals, like updating your resume. You can use online templates to make your resume look both professional and eye-catching.

Create a LinkedIn profile and search for people there to connect with that are in your field of interest. You might also join Facebook groups that are specific to that industry.


Switch to a Career in Your Dream Field

If there’s a career you’ve always wanted to pursue, there are plenty of ways to make that dream a reality. You just need a plan and a commitment to make it happen.

For instance, if you’ve always loved design and decorating and have a keen eye for detail, then take a look into a career in interior design. It may be a great fit for you. You’ll find there is plenty of room for growth. It’s also a field that offers flexibility, though keep in mind you’ll be required to meet with clients and visit sites in person.

If you find your photos are consistently better than anyone else’s and you just have to take pictures of everything and everyone, then you could become a professional photographer. The field is wide and encompasses everything from weddings and portraits to travel, sports, product, real estate, and food. There is some investment required in equipment, but that can pay for itself in time.

Web Designers are in high demand, with more new small businesses popping up every day. If you love computers, have a good sense of design and are comfortable working with client ideas and turning them into a working and easy-to-navigate website, you’ll have a successful career doing something you enjoy.

With any of these careers, you can turn them into a business of your own. Create a business plan to outline all the steps you’ll need to take to get your business from a dream to a fully working company. With it, you’ll describe your company, lay out how you’ll sell your services, what business structure you’ll follow, and the funding you’ll need, along with financial projections.


Wrapping Up

Whether you’re looking into a promotion, a job change, work in a totally new field, or a business of your own, start now with a plan for how to make it all happen. You can use the tips in this article to get aligned with your dream career. 


Feel free to share your dream career in the comments!





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