Feeling Overwhelmed? Try This.

by Briana Marie
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We all get a bit overwhelmed at times. That’s totally normal. But you don’t have to stay stuck in those feelings of overwhelm. Here are a few things you can try to conquer those moments of chaos and get back to being productive.

feeling overwhelmed and stressed

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Take a Deep Breath

I can’t stress this enough. USE YOUR BREATH. Sloooowwww it down and take deeper inhalations and longer exhalations. Let your belly expand as you inhale. This is the quickest way to get your nervous system to just chill out.

If breathing mindfully is a struggle for you, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a CalmiGo. I bring my CalmiGo device with me everywhere. And it gets me to relax in just 3 minutes of use. It combines breath, aromatherapy, and multi-sensory stimulation to calm your nerves. I am currently using the peppermint scent in my device and it helps clear my mind and energize me as my stress melts away. It is truly a blessing!




Don’t feel like you have to do it all yourself. Communicate with others who can help. Ask your Spouse to make dinner tonight. Hire a cleaner for the house. See if your parents can take the kids for the weekend. Have the kids help out more around the house.

Really take a clear look at which tasks on your list can be outsourced to someone else. Of course, there are some things that you absolutely have to do yourself. But nine times out of ten, there are many items on your to-do list that you can have someone else complete for you.


Say “No”

This is an important one. Do not be afraid to use the big N-O. Just tell people “no” when you know you need to. Many of us are uncomfortable with doing this so it may take some practice. You can even practice it in the mirror if necessary.

-Can you stay later tomorrow? NO.

-Can you stop at the store on your way home? NO.

– Can you watch my kids for me? NO.

Sure, some people may be offended by your ability to set boundaries. But that’s really not your problem. Just like your problems aren’t theirs.


Write it Out

I am a huge fan of journaling. It helps me to release that extra mind clutter so I can think more clearly and problem-solve more effectively. The more overwhelmed I feel, the more I write.

As a matter of fact, journaling is so popular because of how therapeutic it is. You don’t even need to get a fancy journal or anything. A simple notepad is enough. But of course, for those of us who like a fancy journal, go for it. 🙂



Clutter only adds to the confusion and chaos. So whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, take some time to do a little cleaning. Whether it be cleaning out your car, phone, a room in your house, or your shed, decluttering frees up space and makes room for fresh energy. And trust me, you will feel so much lighter when done.


Get Organized

We talked about how clutter adds to the confusion and chaos, but just a general lack of organization will have the same negative impact.

You can think more clearly when your surroundings are orderly. Maintaining a certain degree of organization can also prevent unnecessary stress due to losing items, forgetting important tasks, etc.


Take Care of Yourself

I will continue to remind you beautiful people to take care of yourself. Self-care should always be a top priority. And I am making it my duty to continually remind you of that. You deserve nothing but the best, so go ahead and give yourself the best.


What are some steps you take to conquer feelings of overwhelm? Feel free to share in the comments. 




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    Briana Marie is a mental health and financial literacy advocate, and founder of Major League Mommy. In her spare time, Briana enjoys yoga, travel, and spending time with her Husband and two daughters.

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