Family-Friendly Vacation Spots In France

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The best family vacations are often ones that allow everyone to explore another culture while immersing themselves in the best that the most distant places have to offer. Taking a vacation to France is one of the most exciting ways to do this.

For those who want to have an amazing adventure, let’s discuss the most family-friendly vacation spots in France, and how to make the most of the trip.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France photo credit: RudyBalasko from Getty Images Pro via
Photo credit: RudyBalasko from Getty Images Pro via

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Ensuring everyone has a great time on vacation in France

The last thing anyone wants is a vacation that doesn’t delight the entire family.Don’t plan for more than you know you can actually do. It’s great to want to go to France and see absolutely everything, but in a typical vacation that only lasts for a week or two, this just won’t be possible.

Sit down as a family and have everyone give input as to exactly which activities they want to enjoy while there. Be well rested before you go, and make sure that no one is harried. Make sure to get travel insurance for your trip. Finish up all work a few days before the vacation starts, and be sure to alert teachers and coworkers to the fact that you will be unavailable for a specified amount of time.

A trip to France with the whole family has benefits

While it may be difficult to gather the entire family for a vacation to France, it will be beneficial in the end. Hearing about an experience after it is already over doesn’t compare with the excitement of actually being there, and there is nothing like sharing these experiences with family members.

A vacation to Europe will live in everyone’s memory for years to come, and leaving some family members behind can even cause feelings of resentment down the road. A family trip to France is the perfect way to have a break in a typical daily routine, and provides a bonding opportunity for everyone.

Family-friendly vacation spots in France

Once a family makes the decision to break out their passports and head to France, knowing the best family-friendly places to go is essential.

1. Paris, France is a go-to family vacation spot for many.

The breathtaking scenery, quaint cafes, monuments and museums make for an experience that no one in the family will forget. You can spend time at the Bois de Boulogne to take advantage of the walking trails and greenhouses, or even rent a rowboat to spend some time on the water. Of course, no trip to Paris is complete without a trip to the Eiffel Tower.

Whether you choose to go to the first floor to explore, the second floor to enjoy the view, the top to see everything, or just stay at the Esplanade to be mesmerized by the beauty, there’s no doubt that the entire family will love the Eiffel Tower.

A climb to the top will have you looking down on people on the Champs-de-Mars for an experience you won’t forget.

2. Nice is the main hub on the beautiful Côte d’Azur, or French Riviera.

It is a family friendly experience like no other, and is known for its abundance of sunshine. You’ll want to spend as much time as you can outside, soaking up the beauty of the atmosphere, and make sure to take the time for a visit to the Promenade du Paillon.

3. Giverny is only a short drive from Paris, and and you’ll want to go back time and again to see the breathtaking beauty of Claude Monet’s gardens.

Monet’s house is the experience of a lifetime, and adults and kids alike will remember the adventure forever.

4. Uzès is the epitome of small-town life in France where you’ll surely want to see the lavender fields of Provence, Uzès.

Visit the market on Wednesday or Saturday, and go for a swim in the Gardon River. You’ll appreciate the beauty that the town has to offer, as it’s like nothing you can find anywhere else in the world.

5. In the city of Dieppe, you’ll have the family-friendly trip of a lifetime.

The city is known as a prime fishing location, and seafood lovers will find everything they’ve ever dreamed of. With plenty of things to do, the kids will stay entertained as well as the adults, so choose from a relaxing walk through town, or maybe even a boat trip for the whole family to enjoy. The yellow train ride through the city takes you to the cliff side of town, and no one will ever want to leave without seeing the Dieppe Castle.

6. Le Havre is a French town with an abundance of wonderful things to offer.

Whether you want to go for a peaceful walk on the beach or enjoy the artistic vibe that the area has to offer, one thing is for sure – the entire family will have the time of their lives.

7. Normandy is a region on the Northern Coast of France and it is certainly not to be missed.

The kids will love the le Mont Saint Michel, a medieval village that is absolutely unforgettable. You’ll find plenty of other villages to explore, and be sure to go fossil hunting in Viller-sur-Mer. You’ll want to learn all about the events of World War II that happened right in the town.

8. Provence is one of the best family-friendly destinations in France, so make sure to take the time to visit.

The area is known for the most astonishing lavender fields in the entire world, and photographs do not do them justice.

Final Thoughts

You’ll see plenty of small towns that are great for exploring, or spend time at Ochre trail in Roussillon. This town is one that will live in everyone’s memory, and its picturesque beauty needs to be seen in person to be appreciated.

For people of all ages, the area is as quaint as it is beautiful – making it a place that the family will want to visit time and again.

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