Evereden Kids Multivitamin Face Wash Review

by Briana Marie
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My Daughter’s Experience With Evereden Kids Multivitamin Face Wash (Updated 2024)

My daughter has been using the Cool Peach Evereden Kids Multivitamin Face Wash for about six months now 2 years now! (Wow, time sure does fly). And I figured now would be the perfect time to share her experience with the product. Through this review, I hope that I can help my fellow parents out there decide whether or not this line would be a good fit for their own children. 

In today’s review, I will be sharing some information about the brand, my daughter’s results using the face wash, as well as purchasing information. So let’s get to it. 

Evereden honest review photo credit: Major League Mommy
Photo Credit: Major League Mommy

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About the Brand

Evereden emphasizes their use of high-quality nutrients to give your skin the love and care it truly needs. They use cold-processed organic Sunflower Seed oil as it retains more of its natural characteristics for best results. 

Their products NEVER include any of the following:

❌ Sulfates

❌ Petrolatum

❌ Synthetic Fragrances

❌ Phthalates

❌ Parabens

❌ Chemical Sunscreens

…and many more! You can click here to view the full list

2023 Update: Evereden recently launched their AT PLAY makeup collection for kids which features non-toxic and vegan kids face crayons and tinted lip oils for kids that love to play in makeup. This is absolutely perfect for my 9-year old! So, we will be giving this collection a try and will be writing about it in a separate review.

My Daughter’s Experience

The first thing my daughter mentioned was how much she enjoyed the smell. Again, we selected the Cool Peach Face Wash. We both enjoyed the gentle peach scent. 

She simply washes her face off with plain water then pumps a small amount of the wash into her hand and massages it into her damp skin. She then rinses it off and dries her face. Easy peasy. 

After 6 months of use, she has not had any breakouts or adverse reactions to the wash. She is using a moisturizer from a different brand for her face but I will be placing an order for the Cool Peach Multivitamin Face Cream from Evereden, because I do personally like the Evereden brand and what they stand for. I also feel like it’s a brand I can trust for my kids’ skincare needs. 

How to Buy

Placing an order is pretty straightforward on the Evereden website. So feel free to shop around and check out the many other products they offer. You may find something else that you’re interested in.


Are Evereden products dermatologist-approved?

Evereden products are developed by experts in the field of dermatology and have been clinically tested.

What harmful ingredients are banned from Evereden products?

Evereden currently excludes over 2,000 ingredients from their products due to the harmful nature of such ingredients. Their list of banned ingredients includes: Coal Tar, Hydroquine, Lavender Oil, Mineral Oil/Petrolatum and MANY more! You can learn more HERE.

Where can I purchase Evereden’s kids line?

You can place an order on the Evereden website HERE. They are also available for purchase on Amazon.

Do Evereden products undergo animal testing?

Evereden does NOT test on animals.

How do I know which type of products to choose for my child’s skin?

You can take Evereden’s Skincare Quiz to receive personalized product recommendations.

Where are Evereden products manufactured?

Evereden products are manufactured in the US.

Does Evereden offer a rewards program?

Evereden does have a rewards program. You can sign up on their website.

Does Evereden ship international?

Evereden ships to all 50 US States and to Puerto Rico. Additionally, they currently ship to the following countries: Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, and Singapore.

What is the Evereden return policy?

Evereden offers free returns and full refunds for US customers within 14 days of receiving the product. International orders are all final sale. They do not offer exchanges unless a product arrives damaged.

How are Evereden products for kids different from other skincare products?

Evereden’s kids line is formulated and rigorously tested to be nontoxic and effective, gentle enough for newborns, and safe for expecting mothers during pregnancy. You can learn more about their philosophy and products HERE.

Have you tried any Evereden products? If so, please feel free to share your experience in the comments below. 


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