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These Erin Condren Lap Desks are a Must-Have for Busy Moms!

Erin Condren lap desk laptop

Check out the New Erin Condren Lap Desk

I have been looking for the best laptop desk and lap desk for bed or when on the go so that I am not confined to my work desk in order to be productive. As a busy Mom, I am sure you can totally identify with this. 

That is why I am SO excited to share these new Erin Condren lap desks with you, and I look forward to receiving my own at my doorstep!

Erin Condren best laptop desk

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About the Lap Desk

Okay, so I’m sure you are wondering what the hype is about. You’re probably like “Oh, just another affiliate trying to make a sale.” BUT, let me give you more details about these new lap desks so you can have a better understanding as to why I had to immediately add one to my cart.

  • There are two designs available- (1) Mid-century Circles (my personal favorite) and (2) Pinstripe. You can see images of both products below. 
  • It has 3 adjustable angles which is super important for me. Check out my post on posture and back pain to understand why.
  • The desk has a space for storage complete with a magnetized lid. Great place to store your planners, notebooks, and other small office items
  • Comes with a soft removable cushion for added comfort 
  • It has a handle for easy carrying


Woman writing on pinstripe lap desk

Erin Condren’s Pinstripe lap desk

woman using a lap desk for laptop

Erin Condren Mid-Century Circles Lap Desk


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Why I Had to Have This Erin Condren Lap Desk

This is not your ordinary lap desk from Amazon. And I am absolutely thrilled that the team at Erin Condren responded to the growing need for flexible workstations by offering these cute portable desks!

Whether you’re on the go or working at home, you can now bring along your office supplies and a desk to work on without the extra effort! 

It’s also worth mentioning that the super chic design makes it a great addition to any space in your home. I can sit this in my living room or even in my home office, and it just looks like it would belong there. 

Overall, it’s an absolute YES for me. But I will be sure to write a detailed review once I receive the lap desk I ordered.

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Mid-Century Circles Lap Desk

⭐ Pinstripe Lap Desk



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