So, summer break is officially on, and the chaos that comes with it is in full swing. I have had anywhere from 5 to 10 kids at my house every day since school let out. I guess we can say it is just one big never-ending party going on around here. However, I am sure all of my fellow parents out there know just how chaotic this can get. Entertaining and feeding all of the kiddos throughout the summer can be quite a feat. However, I have been able to do both those things, and Eliminate Summertime Chaos With This One Quick Meal Idea.

Eliminate Summertime Chaos With This One Quick Meal Idea

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Summer can get quite chaotic, and many of us Moms fall behind on common tasks such as grocery shopping and meal prep. Summer “break” is definitely more of a break for the kids. . . I can’t say that is necessarily the case for the Moms and dads out there.

On the very first day of summer break, I had my 2 children and 6 of their friends over the house after their half-day at school. My refrigerator, and pantry, were cleaned out before dinner even rolled around. No kidding. The best part is, I totally forgot that I had agreed to let them do an “End of the School Year” Sleepover. So. . . I had to figure out dinner asap. I decided that a nice little front yard picnic would be the best bet. Andddd…. what better meal to feed 8 hungry children than a yummy pizza!

Quick and Easy Summertime Dinner Idea

Thanks to Red Baron, I have easy access to a delicious meal that the entire family (and our friends) can enjoy. With over 11 flavors to choose from (You can check out all the flavors here) , there are plenty of tasty options to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. We have been entertaining our children and their friends with picnics in the front yard, at the park, and on the lake, with none other than a fresh-baked Red Baron pizza. It is just one giant pizza-eating party! And it is oh-so-easy.

Quick and easy summertime Dinner idea for the entire family


This summer doesn’t have to be so hectic. If you are ready to eliminate the summertime chaos, you will definitely want to consider grabbing a few boxes of Red Baron Pizza, and turning this summer into one big party. That is definitely working for my household currently.

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Quick and easy family dinner idea



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