Create the Ultimate Elephant-Themed Nursery for Your Baby Boy in 6 Steps

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Elephant-themed nurseries are a wildly popular choice, especially for baby boys, and it’s not difficult to see why. These adorable and majestic creatures hold a sort of timeless charm that just seems to be the perfect addition to a baby nursery. And if you had this particular nursery theme in mind for your baby, we’ve got you covered.

Continue reading as we guide you through six steps to help you create the ultimate elephant-themed nursery for your baby boy.

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Step 1: Pick Your Color Palette:

When it comes to elephant-themed nurseries, classic color schemes include shades of gray, white, blue, and green. These soothing and versatile colors create the perfect backdrop for a baby’s nursery. If you want to add a pop of color, consider incorporating complementary accent colors such as yellow, orange, or pink. Balancing these colors harmoniously will create a cohesive look in your little one’s space.

Step 2: Select Elephant-Themed Furniture

To bring the elephant theme to life, focus on selecting furniture and decor pieces that of course showcase these adorable creatures. Key furniture pieces for the nursery include a crib, dresser, and rocking chair, but as we will discuss below, there are many other elements you can include as well.

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Step 3: Add a Few Playful Elephant Accessories

Let’s discuss a few playful elephant accessories that will bring your nursery to life. Consider incorporating these items:

Elephant-Themed Toys, Books, and Stuffed Animals

Decorate the room with adorable elephant toys, books, and cuddly stuffed animals. These will not only entertain your baby boy in the future but also stimulate his imagination.

You may also want to consider hanging mobiles featuring elephant cutouts and adding curtains with tiny elephants.

elephant clock | DreamlandNurseryCo via
Elephant Nursery Clock

Step 4: Emphasize the Elephant Theme with Wall Decor

Next, let’s turn our attention to the walls. Here are some ideas for creating an elephant-inspired space:

1. Showcase Elephant-Themed Wall Art and Murals

Transform blank walls into beautiful canvases with elephant-themed wall art and murals. Consider vibrant paintings or playful drawings that depict elephants in their natural habitat or at play. You can also consider other fun animated imagery.

Reversible elephant moon and stars wall art |
Reversible 8×10 Elephant Wall Art Prints

Blue reversible elephant posters |
Reversible 8×10 Unframed Elephant Posters

Tropical Elephant wall art prints |
Reversible 8×10 Tropical Elephant Wall Art Prints

Inspirational elephant wall stickers |
Elephant Inspirational Wall Stickers

Elephant wall decals |
Elephant Wall Decals

elephant name sign | ThistleDewLane via
Elephant Name Sign

2. Create a Focal Point with a Statement Piece

Capture attention by incorporating a statement piece. This could be a large, eye-catching elephant painting or a unique elephant-shaped shelf. A focal point adds personality and sets the tone for the nursery.

elephant name wall mural |
Elephant Name Decal

3. Highlight Elephant Silhouettes, Profiles, or Full-Body Images

Include elephant silhouettes, profiles, or full-body images throughout the room. These can be featured on wallpaper or framed prints as shown above, or even stenciled onto furniture. These elements will help tie the design together.

Step 5: Optimize the Space with Functional Elements

Elephant-Inspired Storage Solutions

To keep the nursery organized and clutter-free, select a few themed storage solutions. Baskets, bins, and unique shelves adorned with elephant motifs add a special touch while providing a functional way to store essentials.

moon and stars elephant hanger dividers |
Moon and Stars Elephant Hanger Dividers

tropical elephant themed hanger dividers |
Tropical Elephant Themed Hanger Dividers

cotton rope basket |
Cotton Rope Basket

felt storage caddy |
Felt Nursery Storage Caddy Set

bathing elephant hamper |
Bathing Elephant Hamper

Comfortable Seating Options

Every nursery needs a cozy spot for bonding and relaxation. Consider adding a comfortable rocking chair or glider, where you and your baby can enjoy quiet moments together.

gray gliding rocking chair |
Gliding Rocking Chair

cozy elephant chair for kids |
Plush Character Chair for Toddlers

toddler armrest chair |
Toddler Armrest Chair

Product Features

Let There Be Light

Proper lighting is key to creating that relaxing atmosphere. Add lamps and overhead fixtures that provide a warm, gentle glow. Dimmable lights can also help set the right ambiance during naptime or bedtime. Here are a few more lighting ideas that are worthwhile:

elephant wall lamp | CosyDecorArt via
Elephant-Themed Wall Lamp

personalized elephant led wall sign | NerdyWood8008 via
Personalized Elephant Light Up Wall Sign

elephant night light | sweetmilleraction via
Elephant Night Light

3D wooden elephant light | kajostore via
3D Wooden Light

elephant metal led light | RupandFornCreative via
Elephant Metal LED Light

elephant nursery lamp | Nightlightlamp via
Elephant Nursery Lamp

Step 6: Finish with Personal Touches

To make the elephant-themed nursery truly special for your baby boy, add personal touches that reflect your family’s story and love for one another.

Frame family photos, hang up heirlooms, or customize bedding with your baby boy’s name. These details will make the nursery feel extra special.

Final Thoughts

Let the creation of an elephant-themed nursery for your baby boy be an adventure of its own. Remember to embrace creativity, infuse love and joy into the space, and most importantly, cherish the precious moments that you and your little one will share in this dreamy nursery.

Alright, we’ve covered all the essentials here. Now, it’s up to you to bring this enchanting design to life. Best of wishes!

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