Eco-Friendly Living: Sustainable Practices for a Greener Household

by Briana Marie
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As a parent, you may look for ways to show up with an example of the kind of individual you want them to grow up to be. One area is the environment. With the reality that the future of our planet depends on how we take care of it, eco-friendly families who have sustainable practices are something that should be encouraged. Here are a few ideas for a greener household.

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Look at the products you buy

If you want to show your kids how to live more sustainable lives, think about the products you’re purchasing in your home. From eco-friendly cooking tools to diapers and cleaning supplies, take time to research the products that you want to use in your home for a more sustainable environment.

It does take investigating brands that you want to buy from, but when you can feel confident that you’re using safe products for the planet and your children, you’ll be glad you took the time.

Consider your energy sources

Something else to think about as you seek to have a more sustainable household is how you power your home. Saving on your home’s energy is a win-win, as it helps you save money on your electric bills while also doing good for the planet. There are various options out there, from renewable energy plans to solar panels. Figure out the option that would be best for your home and household so that you can create a household that is more sustainable for the planet.

Plant a garden

If you’ve been blessed with a large yard, think about planting a garden. If you want to not only feed your children healthy food but also provide them with the opportunity to learn how to grow their own food, you can be sure that growing your own produce is a great sustainable practice to share with your household. Sign up for a subscription that allows you to receive seeds throughout the year so that you can frequently plant new foods and flowers.

Practice minimalism

A lot of families have more toys than they really need, as well as clothing and more. If you want to pass on sustainable practices and concepts to your children for a greener household and future, consider the benefits of teaching them minimalism.

While it’s nice to give gifts and provide all that you can for your children, consider whether or not they need as many new toys or items as you may think. Solid basics in their wardrobe to mix and match, interesting toys that keep them entertained, and activities that cost nothing are all ways to incorporate more sustainability in your daily lives. It may mean you are thinking outside of the box but it’s worth it if it helps your kids care about the environment and ensures you’re doing your part for the world that we live in.

Use smart systems

From a smart HVAC system to energy-efficient or smart lighting systems, as a busy household, incorporating smart systems that help you turn off lights when not in use and keep the heating or cooling at a decent temperature when you’re not home can be beneficial. They’ll help you save money while you’re at it, as well. In a household where your kids may easily forget to turn off the lights or you may not remember to change the temperature on the thermostat when heading out, smart systems can be a lifesaver.

Final Thoughts

As you look for ways to become a more sustainable household, consider the tips mentioned above. From planting your own fruits and vegetables to using solar panels as a reliable energy source, there are various ways to incorporate more sustainability into your everyday life as a family and household. From the products you buy to the way you heat your home, there are various things to consider when looking for a greener household.

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