7 Easy Magic Tricks to Make Your Halloween Party a Hit!

by Magic Gareth
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Welcome to Halloween!

I’m Magic Gareth, your host for this magical journey of trickery and fun for Spooky Season!

Imagine a party filled with fun magic, spooky puzzles, and a ghost made from toilet paper…

Well, that is what I do!

I’m a family magician based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and author of The Party Tricks Handbook: 40 Tricks and Puzzles to Fool Your Friends. I’m very happy to be with you here at Major League Mommy!

Whether it’s a small family party or a big event, I’m about to show you 7 Easy Halloween Magic Tricks and Puzzles that will make your party unforgettable. All wrapped up in an interactive and engaging game!

We often forget that the act of TRICK OR TREATING used to mean ‘show me a trick and THEN I’ll give you a treat’. We now simply dress up and expect some candy… and it can be SO much more entertaining!

For this reason, I made a video of ‘tricks’ that you can perform to impress and WOW your friends for Halloween, and actually be REWARDED with your treat.

But first… The Magic of Learning!

kid doing halloween magic tricks photo credit:
Photo Credit: Yuganov Konstantin via Canva.com

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It’s not just about the tricks that you will do; it’s also about expanding your mind, learning new neurological pathways, and improving hand-eye coordination.

Magic Tricks can boost self-confidence and personal growth. It nurtures creativity in both the young and old.

So, as we dive into these tricks, remember, it’s not just about the magic; it’s about the magic of learning and, of course, FUN! Let’s do this!

three pumpkins decorative image


Everyone in your house/party will learn one of the following Tricks from my Party Tricks Handbook (all detailed below).

  • The Vanishing Coin
  • 11 Fingers
  • Walk through Paper like a Ghost
  • The Dancing Skeleton
  • The Selfie CARD Trick
  • Mega Mind Reading
  • Tommy the Toilet Paper

They will then perform it at some point through the night… BUT WHEN?


  • A Bunch of Orange Balloons
  • Small slips of paper
  • A sharpie
  • Grab as many ORANGE balloons as there are people (maybe extra if you have a spooky black cat that would like to perform too…) and write the names of each individual on a small piece of paper.

BONUS POINT OPTION: if you ‘tea-stain’ the paper and slightly singe the edges it makes it look super old and creepy!

Each name goes into an orange balloon which is then blown up, nice and BIG! Throw the balloons around a bit, mixing them up so no one knows whose name is in which balloon. Now, draw a spooky pumpkin face design on each balloon.

You can hide these balloons around the house (for a scavenger hunt style party) put them in a pile on the floor (for a ballpit-type feel) or fill them with helium (… FLYING PUMKINS!).

Set an alarm for 10 minutes. When the alarm sounds, someone in the group is nominated to pop a PUMPKIN balloon. The name inside is the first performer.


When that performer has blown your socks off with magic and trickery, you now have a choice… You could continue with more balloon-popping fun, or set a new 10-minute timer (in ‘WITCH’ time you could have some nibbles, maybe dance ‘The Time Warp’, or brush your spooky kitty. The alarm goes off and the game continues.)

Prizes for each performer could be a Magic Wand or a simple pat on the back. You decide. But remember to congratulate and acknowledge the courage it takes to stand and perform, even in front of your nearest and dearest.

And now…


Vanishing coin

You’re sitting around the dinner table and the spooky magician magically vanishes a coin from under a glass!


  • a coin
  • glass
  • tin foil
  • sheets of colored cards
  • Scissors


On one sheet of card draw around the opening of the glass and cut out that circle. Stick the circle to the opening of the glass and turn it upside down on top of the other sheet of card. This creates an invisible barrier – a secret compartment, if you will – when you can hide something flat, like a coin!

11 fingers

Prove you have 11 fingers in 3 ways!


  • 10 fingers
  • A sausage

This is based on some sneaky wordplay and maths. Hold both hands up.

  1. First, you are going to use one hand to count backward, using your fingers, from 10 – 6. Then on your other hand, you count upwards 1 – 5. You finish up by saying ‘6+5 is? 11!’
  2. Next, hold up both your hands again, and you are going to count upwards, starting at 1, putting your finger down at each number BUT you are going to add the number 8 after each number (sneakily skipping 8/8). When you say it out loud you will see how easy it is!

1 8

2 8

3 8

4 8

5 8

6 8

7 8

9 8

10 8


3. Now when everyone is either trying to figure out what on earth you just did, or rolling on the floor laughing, you pick up a sausage (that you had secretly in your pants pocket) and put it between your middle fingers on one hand. Hold up your hand, show 11 fingers, and take a BIG BITE out of the sausage.


Walk through paper

Ghosts can walk through walls, but can YOU walk through a piece of paper?

Challenge everyone to cut one hole and ONE HOLE ONLY in a piece of A4 paper, big enough to fit their whole body through! Sound impossible right? Not when you know this sneaky pattern here!

walk through paper magic trick demonstration photo credit: Magic Gareth
Photo credit: Magic Gareth

Cut along the lines you see in the image. Open it out and VOILA! You can step right through… just like a GHOST!

View More HERE: https://www.magicgareth.co.uk/halloween-party-tricks

Mind reading

You, as the magician, are going to predict a number that you had NO control over!

How to predict a 4 digit number by Magic Gareth Photo credit: Magic Gareth
Photo credit: Magic Gareth
How to predict a 4 digit number by Magic Gareth Photo credit: Magic Gareth
Photo credit: Magic Gareth

Dancing Stick Skeleton

This is super simple and SUPER FUN!

Grab a dinner plate and dry-wipe marker. With the marker, dry a stick person (or skeleton) in the middle. Now gently pour a few drops of water on the stick person and watch them come to life, dancing around the plate on the body of water. This may take a few times to perfect, when you do, you will be pleasantly surprised!

The Selfie Card Trick

Kids love card tricks right?

Watch this and learn.

Tommy The Toilet Paper

Wonderful weirdness with a Toilet Roll!

Tommy the toilet paper magic trick photo credit: Magic Gareth
Photo credit: Magic Gareth
Tommy the toilet paper magic trick photo credit: Magic Gareth
Photo credit: Magic Gareth

I hope you have enjoyed this journey of Halloween Ideas that fell out of my head and turned into Pumpkin – Pop – Perform!

Please do share your magical moments with us, and remember, real magic lies in learning and having fun together. Happy Halloween, and may your celebrations be filled with wonder and laughter!

Magically, Magic Gareth

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7 Easy Halloween Magic Tricks

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  • Magic Gareth

    Magic Gareth is a family magician based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and author of The Party Tricks Handbook: 40 Tricks and Puzzles to Fool Your Friends.

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