7 Easy Dinner Ideas for a Big Family

by Erika Robertson
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Is feeding your big family dinner stressing you out? This has become increasingly common all across the country for many parents. They struggle to find the time to provide their large families with great home-cooked meals every night.

But worry not! There are some exceptional dinner ideas for bigger families you can begin to put to good use. They’ll ensure your family members are well-fed each night. They’ll also let you learn new recipes and stay engaged while you’re cooking in your kitchen.

Check out several of the best dinner ideas for a big family below, and keep them in mind for when you’re not sure what to make.

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According to a recent survey, only about 3% of Americans admit to never eating any kind of pasta. Pasta is so easy to make, especially for those with families on the larger side. So you’ll want to try to serve it at least once every week or two to make life easier for yourself. Pasta is a food that always provides a very hearty meal that will fill everyone up.

You might also want to consider going the extra mile by preparing lasagna for your big family. You may even want to go as far as to make one tray of lasagna for tonight and another tray (or two!) for a future meal. Lasagna is a terrific option for those looking to freeze ready-made meals that can quickly get heated up and served later on.


If you Google “casserole recipes,” you’ll be blown away by how many different types of casserole there are. From green bean and chicken pot pie to hamburger and spicy chicken tortilla casseroles, there won’t be any shortage of choices when you want to make this meal for your huge family for dinner.

Similar to lasagna, you’ll also have the option to make more than one casserole at a time and freeze any extras for later. It’ll guarantee you always have meals you can pull out of the freezer on nights when you don’t feel like cooking for your family.


Americans consume more than 4.5 billion tacos annually. Tacos have become extremely popular in this country because of how delicious they are and, maybe more importantly, because of how easy they are to make.

More often than not, the only difficult part about making tacos for your big family will be heading to the store to buy all the ingredients. You’ll need to have fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, etc. on hand. But once that’s done, all you’ll need to do is brown and season taco meat and lay everything out so that your family is able to have some fun creating tacos for themselves.

Pulled Pork

When you have a big family, investing in a slow cooker might be a good idea. You’ll be able to prepare all kinds of tasty meals in a slow cooker with very little effort on your part.

For instance, you can whip up pulled pork by placing it into a slow cooker at the start of the day before coming back to it at dinnertime to shred it up. You can also cook enough pulled pork to provide your family with one or two days worth of leftovers. Pulled pork is a simple meal you can serve with things like tater tots and cole slaw to get a great response from your family.

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

You may need more than just a slow cooker to satisfy your big family’s appetite. In this case, it’s a good idea to splurge on a gas grill. These grills will be godsends for those with large families since they’ll make it possible to cook up lots of hamburgers, hot dogs, and other grill essentials during the warmer months of the year.

Gas grills are also ideal for those who need a break from cleaning their kitchens since they’ll allow big families to cook and eat outside.

To get the best results while grilling, consider purchasing the right grill accessories kit to go along with your gas grill. It’ll make the meals you prepare on your gas grill even more flavorful than they would be otherwise.


While cooking hamburgers and hot dogs on your grill will work wonders for your big family in the summertime, it might not always be an option in the winter. During the colder months of the year, you may want to opt for something like soups instead.

From traditional soups like chicken noodle to trendier options like baked potato soup (with all the fixings!), you may want to try making a new soup each week throughout the winter. Soup will help warm your family up and provide you with leftover opportunities for lunch and dinner.


Pizza has turned into America’s favorite food over the years. A recent survey suggested that over 20% of American adults consider pizza their preferred food option. You probably already take advantage of this every so often by ordering pizza for your big family. You might also want to kick around the idea of making your own pizzas at home.

Your family members can come together to make one pizza covered with the toppings you all love. You can also each make your own personal pizzas based on your individual preferences. Either way, you’ll have a wonderful time making them and an even better time eating them when they’re finished cooking.

Make Dinnertime Fun for Your Family Again

Cooking for a big family every night can be exhausting. It may lead to you making the same meals regularly to take the usual guesswork out of the equation. Expand your family’s horizons by incorporating some of the dinner ideas listed here into the mix. Your family will start looking forward to dinnertime again when they know you’re experimenting with different options.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to let your family pitch some ideas for different meals or themed dinner nights as well.

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