Host the Ultimate Easter Pajama Party Using These Tips!

by Briana Marie
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Easter is hoppin’ around the corner pretty quick, and you’re probably in the process of making plans for this year’s celebration.

From egg hunts to a tasty family dinner following church service, there are probably lots of Easter traditions on your schedule. But if you want to switch things up a bit this year, you may want to consider these exciting Easter pajama party ideas for the family. 

Whether you choose to do a small party exclusive to the members of your household or invite the extended fam and friends, these ideas for a pajama party are sure to make for a great time. 

white bunny slippers

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I always have so much fun making invitations for parties. And yes, you can make invitations even if you’re just inviting members of your household. 

When I make my physical invitations, I either slip them under bedroom doors or by their dinner plate. Sometimes I just send out a group text. For this year’s Easter PJ party, I just decided to make a cute invitation in Canva and sent it in a group text.

You may also choose to send an Evite if you are inviting friends and extended family members. Alternatively, you can purchase or DIY some invitations and mail them out.


I highly recommend you check out my Instagram post to see all of our pajama party fun. But I am including an image here of the decor we used to help with your own planning.

I kept it relatively simple with a fun backdrop, some cozy pillows and blankets, and some pastel-colored tablecloths. It really only took me an hour or so to set up even with the balloons on the backdrop. But I do recommend using an electric balloon pump if you’ll be blowing up a bunch of balloons. 

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  • Easter-themed backdrop
  • Balloons
  • Pastel tablecloths
  • Cozy Pillows and Blankets

Attire (Complete With White Bunny Slippers)

Okay, this was my favorite part. We were initially going to wear matching Easter pajamas but then decided to just all do our own thing. BUT…

We HAD TO wear our matching bunny slippersI’ve actually always wanted a pair of white bunny slippers, so I was super excited that provided my kids and me with a pair of their Classic Bunny SlippersAnd I HIGHLY recommend these super comfy and quality bunny slippers for the kids and adults at your Easter pajama party. 

You may even consider custom pajama tops if you want to do the whole matching thing. But whatever you do, make sure everyone brings along their bunny slippers for this event!

white bunny slippers | Major League Mommy
Photo credit: Briana Marie | Major League Mommy


If you’re starting your PJ party around dinner time, you may want to offer a full meal like pizza or even a nacho bar. We did our pajama party after dinner and therefore just did light snacks: popcorn, sugar cookies, and some mocktails. 

Movies & Games for Pajama Party

Pajama parties are the perfect opportunity to bring out your favorite board games – and we did just that. You can also play a few rounds of trivia or whatever other fun game you come up with – the girls really enjoyed playing limbo. Here are some fun board and card games to consider: 

Lastly, you may want to wind down for the evening with a movie. We watched a family-friendly comedy to finish off the night.

What are some of your favorite Easter pajama party ideas from this post? Feel free to share in the comments!

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