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Earth Day Games the Kids Will Absolutely Love!

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If you are looking for a few Earth Day Activities for the Kids, here are some fun Earth Day games to give a try! Make sure you tag us on Instagram or Facebook @majorleaguemommy if you get any pics or videos of you playing one of these awesome games. 🙂 Enjoy!


Earth day

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Nature Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always a great way to get children to engage with the world around them. When it comes to Earth Day, this is an even better way to get children to interact with nature.

You can have the kids make a list of items commonly found in nature (twigs, leaf, pinecone, ladybug, etc.) and then compile those ideas to create a single list for each child to use during the scavenger hunt.


Recycle relay

This is a really fun spin on a traditional relay race.

  1. Gather two bins filled with various recyclables (old cans, plastic bottles, paper, glass, etc.) and sit the bins between the two teams at the starting line. *It is important to make sure there are the same amount of items in each bin. Each team will have their own bin to pull from.
  2. Label a few empty bins according to the different type of recyclables you are using (plastic, paper, metal, glass)
  3. Split children into two groups
  4. Players will line up in their groups a few feet away from the empty bins.
  5. When you signal the race to begin, the first child in line will grab a recyclable from the bin beside them and race to put it in the correct bin on the opposite end. Once they place it in the correct recycling bin, they will run back to their team and tag the next person in line. Each team member will repeat this process until their starting bin of recyclables is empty.

First team to empty their bin, wins the race!


Nature Found Art

Allow the children to explore outdoors to collect items they can use to create an art project. For example, you can see the image below for a couple examples of art work my children have created using items for nature.

This is not only a really cool game, but also a great way to spark creativity in children.


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Learn to Recycle Activity Boxes

These activity boxes are another fun way for children to learn about recycling.

Each of the 6 boxes are labeled with different types of recyclables: cardboard, glass, paper, compost, aluminum, and plastic. Children can then sort the 48 included items to recycle in the appropriate box.


Herbal Adventure Game

This board game is perfect for a family game night centered around nature. This game provides a strategic challenge with no reading required, making it perfect for young children.

Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game takes players through several ecosystems in an exciting quest where they will learn about 25 edible and medicinal plants.


Learning about Earth Day doesn’t have to be boring. There are ways to learn more about our planet and how to protect it, through fun and engaging activities.



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