11 Fun and Simple Earth Day Craft Ideas for Toddlers

by Violet S.
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Are you interested in getting your kids to spend Earth Day in a more entertaining and mentally stimulating way? Here are a few Earth Day craft ideas you should try out with your toddler.

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The Importance of Engaging Toddlers in Earth Day Activities

As parents, you want to support your kids’ physical and mental growth. You can do that in many ways, get them toys that can help improve their motor skills, work on art activities that promote creativity, or enroll your kids in early learning centres that offer specific programs that your kid might find interesting.

Aside from these choices, engaging or working together in activities with your toddlers is essential to their development and a great way to bond with them. While Earth Day activities aren’t required to fulfill your toddlers’ needs, they can still be a great way to teach your kids about the importance of caring for the environment at an early age.

It’s a more engaging way of getting your kids to see and interact with the world outside of what books tell them. Being able to touch and feel their handiwork makes all the difference in creating lessons that stick with them for a long time, even while they’re young.

With that said, here are a few craft ideas relevant to Earth Day that are great for you to do with your toddlers.

1. Newspaper Seedling Pots

Creating crafts for gardening is a great way to get in touch with the environment while getting your kids used to dirt and the Earth. With that in mind, one project you can do with them that’s easy and can use recyclable materials would be newspaper seedling pots.

While your kids might need more dexterity to create the newspaper pots themselves, you can instruct them to put in the soil and the seedlings in the pots. You can then go to the garden and plant these seedlings around it.

It can also be a chance to teach your kids about responsibility by getting them to water the plants occasionally.

2. Paper Plate Earth Craft

Another simple craft idea you can do with your kids is a simple art project. You only need paper plates and some art materials, like paint, crayons, or markers. If you don’t have any paper plates, you can always cut out paper plate-sized circles out of any paper material you have.

After that, you should have a picture of the Earth and print it out as a reference for your kids. Then, you can ask them to create their own Earth out of that paper plate. If you have multiple kids, it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with together.

3. Earth Day Collages

Another iteration of making an Earth image would be to create an Earth Day collage. Your kids can make it out of cutouts from different recyclable materials like magazines, newspapers, flyers, etc. Just ensure your child can be trusted with scissors, or if you need help, ask them to rip out the appropriate colors by hand.

It’s a good idea to outline the Earth’s shape, so they must paste the collage pieces into the canvas.

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4. Earth Day Seed Bombs

Spreading local wildflowers around is excellent for the local ecosystem. You can encourage your kids to plant wildflowers more excitingly by making seed bombs together.

All you need is blue, green, and white construction paper, a packet of wild seeds, water, a food processor, and scissors. Cut the construction paper into strips, soak them in water for 20 minutes, squeeze out the excess water, and then pulse them until they’re pulp. Make sure to separate these by color.

Once you have the pulps, mix in the seeds equally between each color. Then, you and your kids can combine these three-colored pulps into a ball. Now you have your seed bomb.

5. Earth Suncatcher

Have some spare blue and green construction papers? You can also use that to create an earth suncatcher.

One tool you will need is a self-seal laminator pouch in addition to the green and blue construction paper. Create a circle outline where your kids can add the green and blue. After they finish, you can laminate it and hang it by the window to make it catch the light.

6. Grass Crowns

A simple craft for your kids is a grass crown they can wear around their heads. You need a paper sack, green crayons, scissors, and a glue stick. Ask your kids to color the upper half with a strip of the paper sack.

After that, you can cut into the colored part to resemble grass. You can then wrap that around your child’s head and seal it with a glue stick until it’s the right size for your child.

7. Mosaic handprint Earth Day craft

Something similar to the mosaic Earth is the mosaic handprint Earth Day craft. Add a cutout of the hand shape of your child behind the mosaic of the Earth. You can use anything around the house, such as cereal boxes or cardboard.

8. Earth Day Slime

If you have kids who love playing around with slime, you can make them an Earth Day-themed slime. All you need to do is mix ½ cups of water and ½ cups of glue until they’re well combined. After that, you can add your green and blue confetti or glitter. Once the color fits your liking, mix in ¼ cup of liquid starch until it becomes your preferred slime texture.

9. Clay Craft

You can spend a lot of time with your kids by getting them different-colored clay and asking them to make things that they can find in nature using the clay. You can even opt to get air-dried clay so that once it solidifies, your kids can display it around their room as a showcase of their artistic prowess for Earth Day.

10. Earth Day Balloon Print

You can create exciting prints of the Earth with your kids using card stock paper, some green and blue paint, and a balloon. You need to put green and blue paint together without mixing them, add a little air to a balloon so it has that spherical shape, and press the balloon into the paint. Now, you have a circular stamp for your cards that creates an Earth-like painting.

11. No-Mess Earth Day Painting

While painting can be a fun activity for kids, sometimes you just don’t have the energy to clean up paint. In that case, simply put a paper plate in a Ziploc bag with small mounds of green and blue paint on it. Your kids can then press on the paint as it spreads over the plate within the Ziploc bag. Now, they have a painting of the Earth without all the mess.

Wrapping Up

With these Earth Day crafts, toddlers can be stimulated while learning more about the Earth. That way, instead of spending Earth Day glued to devices, they can have an engaging activity to do with you.

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