10 Things You Should Do During Maternity Leave

by Briana Marie
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You Should Definitely Do These Things During Maternity Leave

You recently gave birth (Congrats!) and now you’re on maternity leave. There’s probably a ton of things on your to-do list. But remember, you are adjusting to a major change right now. And there are some things you will definitely want to do during maternity leave. There are also some things you should probably hold off on. 

But today, we will be talking about those things you SHOULD be doing. Continue reading to learn more. 

during maternity leave

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Create an Effective Routine

Having a baby is a huge change, and we all know that change isn’t always easy. But establishing a new and effective routine will make it easier to cope.

Of course, newborns can make establishing a routine a little more challenging as we work through sleep patterns and feeding schedules. But to the best of your ability, try to create a schedule that offers some flexibility and allows you some time to CARE FOR YOURSELF.

For example, after I gave birth to my youngest child, part of my routine included listening to relaxing music while feeding my daughter or practicing mindful breathing during our walks. 


Take Some Photos!

You’ll probably have a photographer pay you a visit in the hospital shortly after giving birth to get those oh so adorable newborn photos. Why? Well, of course, babies grow and change SO fast!

For this reason, I highly recommend taking as many photos as you possibly can of your little one during maternity leave. This is a great way to document all of those changes that take place over those quick few weeks. 


Start a Gratitude Practice

If you do not already have a daily gratitude practice in place, there is no time better than NOW to establish one. 

I personally like to jot down a full page of things that I am grateful for in my journal during my morning tea. I also like to run through a list of things I am grateful for as I am showering or brushing my teeth in the morning. 

Gratitude is so great for healing and it can truly help you get through some of those most challenging moments. If you are struggling to make gratitude part of your routine, I highly recommend you join my FREE Ultimate You Challenge to get started. 


Begin Journaling

Speaking of gratitude, journaling can be another really useful tool in healing. And as you heal after giving birth, you may find it helpful to release some of the mind chatter into your journal. 

Your journal can act as a safe space to just let it go and let it flow. There are no rules here as to how you need to write. Just let it out on paper. If you can squeeze some journaling in while your baby sleeps, definitely go for it.


Get Moving

Exercise is sooooo important to our overall wellbeing. Do speak with your doctor about the level of exercise that is most appropriate for you postpartum. But even a simple walk can work wonders. Walking is great for both your physical and mental health. 

Again, make sure you have a conversation with your physician about the types of exercises that are best for you at this time. 


Prepare a Plan for Your Return to Work

While you’re on leave, it is a good time to work on your plan for returning to work. Who will watch your child while you’re at work? Will you work the same schedule as you did previously? Will you have to pump during working hours? These are just some things to keep in mind.


Join a Mommy Support Group

Whether you are a new mom or a Mom for the second, third, fourth, etc. time, having other Moms to connect with can be super helpful. Not only can you form those new connections and communicate with other adults during such a challenging period, but you can also learn a lot from other Moms. Mommy support groups can really be awesome and I believe that every Mom should join one. 


Stay on Top of Your Appointments

Make sure you stay on top of all of your appointments for both you and your child. You want to make sure you are healing appropriately and that you are both getting the care you need at this time. 


Prioritize Self-Care

I cannot stress this enough. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Make your self-care a high priority. If you want to be at your best for your child, you have to make sure you are in good working order. Treat yourself whenever you can. Rest whenever you can. Just love on yourself. You deserve it.


Be Patient with Yourself

Last, but certainly not least, be patient. You will make some mistakes. You may struggle at times. But you will learn so much along the way. And you will create so many beautiful memories. Be gentle with yourself. 


What are some things you feel are important to do during maternity leave? Feel free to share in the comments!


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