Dreamy Pink Nursery Ideas for Your Baby Girl

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Creating a nursery is a fun project for parents waiting for their little one. Nothing is more precious than a dreamy pink nursery for a baby girl. However, where do you start? Let’s get started crafting your nursery.

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Start With The Essentials

First, start with the things you will need in the nursery. All nurseries need a crib, rocker, shelves, and a changing table. Before worrying about money, there are some secrets to creating a nursery without spending a fortune. Shop your own home. Do you have shelves or a bookcase that you can makeover?

It should be no surprise that places like IKEA offer great prices on baby furniture. Consider using family heirlooms, such as your great-grandmother’s rocking chair or the cradle your grandfather made for you when you were born.


Decor plays a necessary role in the nursery. It aids in a newborn’s visual development. You have decided on the color of your nursery. But what shade of pink? Are you thinking Barbie pink or something a little softer? Color determines the feel of the room. Soft colors help to create a soothing room. What else are you adding? Big pink floral or big pink teddy bears? Babies need things to look at.

Here are a few ideas to consider below.

butterfly shaped floating shelf | Amazon.com
Butterfly Shaped Floating Shelf

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Vintage Framed Mirror

gummy bear nightlight | Amazon.com
Squeezable Gummy Bear Nightlight

pink wooden name sign | Amazon.com
Personalized Wooden Name Sign

pink animal tree wall decals | Amazon.com
Pink Animal Tree Wall Decals


Let’s start with the walls. There are plenty of budget-friendly options. Painting the walls pink is an easy, inexpensive option. Another option is wallpaper. If you think wallpaper is pricey, cover one wall. A lovely pink floral pattern would be ideal for an accent wall. It is something the baby will not outgrow.

Printable wall art is a fun option. Consider creating a wall collage from pink bunnies to little girls in pink tutus. The choices are endless. As your little one develops her likes, it is easy to switch out the wall art.

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Babies do not need too much bedding to start. Some crib sheets and receiving blankets are all you need. However, this is an area to really emphasize your pink theme. From florals to baby motifs, there are many choices. Here are some of our favorites:

pink crib fitted sheets | Amazon.com
Pink Floral Crib Sheets

unicorn crib bedding | Amazon.com
Unicorn Crib Bedding

elephant crib bedding | Amazon.com
Elephant Crib Bedding


Comfy flooring is ideal, especially when your baby girl starts to crawl and sit. She is going to want a soft space to play. Replacing or adding wall-to-wall carpet may be too much for the budget. No problem. A large room rug that covers most of the nursery floor will be ideal.


There are plenty of small things that you can create yourself to make your dream nursery. Baby girl will spend a lot of time in her crib. Consider making or buying a mobile to entertain here when she is in her crib. There are many design ideas that a simple search will bring up, but some fun pink animal friends would be ideal.

Purchase some wooden letters, paint her name pink, and hang it on the wall above the crib. Upcycle old picture frames for hanging artwork. You can paint them in pink or even cover them in fabric. If you have some leftover wallpaper, place some in a frame and hang it. It will add a sense of dimension to your wall.

Lastly, remember to have fun throughout the process!

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