As you may have noticed, we are currently in the age of virtual celebrations of all types from weddings to birthday parties. I’ve even seen virtual graduations, retirement parties, and baby showers. While this may not be the preferred way to celebrate, many of us have learned that this virtual experience can still be a ton of fun and memorable for all. It all depends on how you go about planning and executing it. 

virtual birthday party

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I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about how to make childrens’ virtual birthday parties more interesting and I want to share some of the ideas that I have found to be effective. So today I am going to share with you one way that you can add that extra excitement for your next virtual celebration. If you are like many other parents planning a virtual birthday party for your child, you will definitely want to check out these tips to create a Virtual Birthday Party Invitation that’ll set the mood.


Have Fun With Fonts

Sure, you can send out a simple evite on a preset template to inform guests of the upcoming celebration and that is totally okay. The message is still the same right? However, if you really want to take your invitation up a notch. You can use a free font from Font Bundles, for example, to customize your invitation and to really emphasize the theme.


Using a custom font is an easy way to add your personal touch to a virtual party invitation. You don’t need any crazy design skills and you don’t have to be a photoshop expert to make this concept work. All you need is your selected font, a platform to design your invite, and your imagination. It is really that simple, and yet the results can be absolutely stunning.


How The Font Impacts Your Design

For starters, the font is a great way to add some personality to your projects. Look at the two images below. Do you see how the different fonts each give a totally different vibe? This is important to consider before you dive into designing your party invitations. 

Garden party invitation
Party Invitation

You probably wouldn’t use a script font on a superhero themed invitation, and you likely wouldn’t choose a bold block letter font for a tea party.  Do you see what I’m getting at here? The font really does matter. You may also want to tailor your invitation to your child’s own personality, and it usually takes more than a standard font to do that. 


My kids, for example, have completely different personalities and their party invitations accurately reflect that. I typically go for more rugged and bulky fonts for my oldest daughter who is a tomboy and tends to stay far away from anything girly. However, for my other daughter, I like to go for more formal fonts that accurately represent her more girly fashionista personality. 


I then blend their personalities with the theme and color selection, and choose a font that’ll effortlessly tie everything together. You can also apply this same concept to physical invitations.

Creating Physical Invitations

Perhaps you are planning to actually mail out invitations. If so, you can still have a lot of fun with the design process. You can actually get even more creative with physical invitations, and this is really a great way to create that sense of closeness despite the physical distance.


 I discovered from personal experience, that receiving an actual invitation in the mail to a virtual party made the experience seem even more exciting (especially at a time where we were becoming so burnt out from all of the Zoom meetings). It felt like a return to normalcy while in quarantine although we could not be physically present for the actual celebration. This is just something to keep in mind when planning out your party invitations.  


Another benefit of creating physical invitations is that you can get a little crafting in as part of your party planning. If you use a cutting machine like the Silhouette or Cricut, you can really have some fun with your custom fonts and design. I often use the Cricut to make party invitations and birthday cards. However, I will say that the font options are quite limited in Cricut’s Design Space. So this is where Font Bundles really come in handy. 


You can upload your font from Font Bundles into the Design Space, and let the Cricut take it from there. You can see below for a few examples of how creative you can get with your invitations.

rainbow party invitation
retro party invitation
Chalkboard invitation

You can even personalize your envelopes with custom fonts if you really want to go that extra mile. I recently received a Thank-You letter in the mail that was addressed using a custom font on the envelope and I thought that was really cool. I hadn’t seen that concept used before but now I know that it’s a possibility and I definitely plan to use it myself in the future.


Look on the Bright Side


I’m sure most of us would prefer to have in-person celebrations. However, you don’t have to let the distance kill your vibe. Something as simple as personalizing and getting creative with your invitations can add more excitement to the experience. I am sure your guests will also appreciate the extra effort you put into their invitation. If nothing else, it’ll be a nice little pick-me-up when they see it. 


Hopefully this post helps you out as you prepare your next birthday party (or any other special event for that matter). Whether you are hosting a virtual party or an in-person celebration, a customized invitation is a great way to boost the excitement surrounding your event. You can also check out these other ideas for your virtual birthday party.


What are some things you have been doing to spice up your virtual celebrations? Do you use custom fonts for any of your crafting projects? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

virtual birthday party


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