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The Ultimate DIY Haunted House Ideas

Haunted House

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DIY Haunted House Ideas for Halloween

These DIY Haunted House Ideas are exactly what you need if you are into the creepy Halloween fun. And if you’re new to Major League Mommy, you may not know this yet, but I seriously love Halloween. Halloween is just another opportunity for me to let my creativity run wild (and get my Horror film fix while I’m at it).

So every year as soon as fall hits, I spring into action decorating my house for Halloween. However, in 2020 we decided to do things a little bit differently due to the pandemic. Instead of going out to a local haunted house, we decided to create one of our own in our basement! And it’s an idea that we now plan to continue each year. In the process, I have discovered lots of cool ideas, and I just had to share them with you all.

DIY Haunted House Ideas

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 Now let’s get to the good stuff. Enjoy!


Setting the Scene 

Okay, so first things first: in order to transform our space into a haunted house, we have to properly set the scene.

This could be as simple as purchasing a few Creepy Backdrops to stick onto your walls or as complex as setting up intricate Halloween props to give us horror film vibes. Check out the ideas below to pull this off.


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Just because your haunted house is a DIY, doesn’t mean it has to look like one. Whether you’re in the mood to DIY Halloween Decorations or you just want to buy something that requires nothing more than a little building, there are so many ways you can set the scene.

Here are some cool finds I discovered on Amazon:

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Add Some Sound Effects

I have a lot of fun testing out different sound effects to use in our household around Halloween time. And I will say that if you have children in the house that can handle it, you can really find some super spooky sounds to add to your DIY Haunted House.

If you really want to add some excitement to your haunted house, DO NOT skip the sound effects. The best part is, you don’t even have to spend a ton of money on this part of the process. I usually just find some good sounds on YouTube and play it on my Bluetooth speaker. Boom. Done. Easy.

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Yes, yes, yes. The lighting is seriously what sets the scene if you ask me. You can have all of the creepiest gadgets and props in existence, but if the lighting isn’t right. . . it just won’t be scary enough.

To really gives your space haunted house vibes, I highly recommend the following type of lighting:

I also recommend a fog machine for your DIY Haunted House. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a haunted house that didn’t have a fog machine involved. And we will definitely be using a fog machine in our own haunted house.

If you think these ideas are a little too scary for the members of your household, I highly suggest you check out my DIY (Not-So-Spooky) Haunted House ideas for a more appropriate setup.



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