Create a DIY Family Science Fair Using These Tips

by Briana Marie
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Are you looking for an interesting way to explore science with your family? If so, a science fair from the comfort of your home is the perfect idea.

A DIY family science fair is one way to stimulate your family’s interest in science and technology.

In this post, I will share some tips for creating your own family science fair.

So let’s get to it.

DIY science fair

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Choose a Theme or Focus and Research

To kick off your science fair fun, decide on your family’s focus for the fair.

You can each choose a topic that you find interesting or simply pick a single area around which the whole family can explore.

There are so many fields of science you can dive into such as engineering, physics, biology, chemistry, and more. Within those specific areas, there are a ton of opportunities for experimentation.

Once the topic is decided, start researching it. Research can be done online or at the library.

Additionally, the entire family can work together during the research process to make it fun and engaging.

Create a List of Experiments to Choose From

Next, create a list of potential experiments or activities. Consider the practicality of each activity, as well as the safety of your family members. There should be age appropriate experiments available for each family member.

You can discuss your options as a group and pick the projects you would each like to complete.

Make sure to allow for some freedom to try something new or explore certain subjects further.

Gather all Supplies

Once everyone has chosen their project, you will have to gather all the necessary supplies for each experiment.

For example, you may need to pick up simple materials such as wire, plastic, and wood to create a basic structure, or purchase more complex materials such as electricity kits, zoology kits, and magnets.

You can work with kids to create a supply list, and then head out to the store together to purchase everything you need.

To keep it simple, you can also take advantage of MEL Science Kits, and show off the many projects they have to offer.

Set a Timeline

Set a timeline for the completion of each science project. Consider hosting your science fair on a specific day so that everyone knows when to have their projects completed.

Create Display Boards

Create a presentable display board for your projects. Your display board should include the name of the project, a description o the project (including raw data, graphs, images, etc.), a conclusion, and sources used.

There are many templates available online to guide you in creating a display board.

Invite Some Guests!

Finally, to add some extra excitement, invite your family and friends to your DIY family science fair.

Have each family member explain their project to the guests, and be prepared to answer any questions they may have. Be sure to enjoy yourselves and have fun!

Make sure to take plenty of pictures! Documenting the process will create a lasting memory of your family science fair.

Creating a DIY family science fair is a great way to boost your family’s interest in science and technology. With the tips outlined above, you will be sure to create a memorable (and very educational) event.


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