This was a fun last minute craft idea I came up with one day while trying to keep the girls busy. As it turns out, my daughters actually really liked this little set we made with household scraps. I suppose they’re not as high maintenance as I thought. I guess I’ll be saving a lot of money from now on. Haha. Check out this DIY Drum Set for Kids. 


I came up with this fun craft idea at the last minute for the little ones. As it turns out, they really enjoyed these DIY Drum sets using old oatmeal containers

What We Used:

What We used to make our DIY Drum Set









Wrap oatmeal container in fabric of choice. Use hot glue to secure. You can leave the top and bottomside uncovered if you wish.

Using a piece of tape at each end, attach a strip of twine across the length of the container. Secure to top and bottom. Continue this around the container, spacing each piece about 2-3in apart.

Cut out a large circle of paper at least 7in in diameter and secure to top of oatmeal container (preferably side with the lid). Secure with hot glue, then add a piece of twine around the edge of glued circle. Add tape to twine if needed.

Your drum is complete.


For drumsticks:

For the drumsticks, I literally just balled up a piece of scrap paper, and wrapped some felt around it. I secured it to the stick by applying some hot glue to the top of the stick, and a 1in strip of hot glue down the side of it, and placing it into my little felt ball. I then secured the felt to the stick by twisting a bit of floral wire around the bottom as an extra measure.

Rock out! 🙂



Kids playing on DIY Drum Set

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