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Fun (and Romantic) Date Night Ideas for Parents With No Sitter

by Briana Marie
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Once you have kids it can definitely be more difficult to squeeze in a good date night. And yet, that one-on-one time with your partner is more important now than ever. 

But I get it. And many other parents have been there before too.

Securing childcare is not always easy, but there are still ways that you can enjoy a romantic date even without a sitter. Continue reading for some really great at-home date night ideas for after the kids have fallen asleep.

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Movie Night

You’ve likely done plenty of movie nights with the entire family. Whether it be coming together to watch one of your favorite tween horror movies or cozying up for the latest family-friendly comedy, you’re probably no stranger to family movie night.

But how about a movie night just for you and your partner?

Pop some popcorn. Grab some of your favorite theater snacks, and find a good movie to watch. This is one of the easiest at-home date night ideas to pull off and it can be much cheaper than going into an actual movie theater.

You can choose one of your favorite classic films or try something entirely new. The best part is, you get to cuddle before, during, and after the film. Hopefully with no interruptions. 

Game Night

If you’re down for a little competition, consider having a game night date. You can pull out your favorite board games, video games, or triviaand a few tasty snacks and let the games begin. 


For those who want to do something a bit more relaxing, grab a blanket, and sit outside (if it’s warm enough) to chat and sip on some wine as you stargaze. This is a really great way to reconnect with your significant other without the extra distractions. Speaking of distractions, you may want to put your phones on Do Not Disturb while you enjoy your evening under the stars.

Candlelit Dinner

You can be as romantic as you like with this one. Order carryout from your favorite restaurant. Get all dressed up. Light the candles. Put on those slow jams and enjoy a beautiful candlelit dinner right there in your dining room.

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Stories by the Fire

Set up a bonfire, grab some wine, and discuss some of your favorite memories. This is the perfect time to reflect and discuss plans for the future. But you can also just sit back and enjoy the fire without discussing anything at all if you want. The idea is that you can use this moment to wind down and just enjoy the presence of your spouse. 

Sip n’ Paint

Grab a couple of painting canvases, pull up a good Painting Tutorial on YouTube, pour some wine, and enjoy your very own sip n’ paint experience. 

Virtual Murder Mystery Party

Know a few other couples who would be down for an at-home date night? Maybe consider hosting a virtual murder mystery party. This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your significant other while engaging with other adults. 

Spa Night

Create your own spa night complete with bubble baths, matching robes, and massage oils. You can take turns massaging one another (or enjoy these foot and hand massagers) and can set the mood with relaxing spa music, scented candles, and wine. 

Wine Tasting

Speaking of wine, how about buying a sampling of new wines to try at your very own wine tasting. You may also choose to pair your wines with chocolate or cheese. Alternatively, you may decide to sample a craft beer or another drink of your choice. 

Cook a New Recipe

Have you been thinking about trying a new recipe? Well, now that the kids are sound asleep it may be a good time to try cooking that recipe with your partner. You can be silly, flirty, or super competitive as long as you’re having a good time throughout the process. 

Wrapping Up

Have you tried any of these at-home date night ideas? What are some of your favorites? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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