From Cupcakes to Pizza: 50 Cute Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

by Major League Mommy
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Telling your husband that you’re pregnant is an incredibly special moment. Making the announcement in a memorable way can add an extra touch of magic to this already beautiful moment.

There are numerous creative and cute ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant, but we are going to share some of our favorites in this article.

Alright, get ready to start planning. Here are some cute ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant.

cute pregnancy announcement to husband photo credit:  Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels via
Photo credit: Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels via

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Food and Drink Pregnancy Announcements

First on our list of cute ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant is by using food and drinks. Using food or drink in a surprise pregnancy announcement to your husband is a great way to share your special news. The element of surprise makes these ideas extra special and ensures that your big news will be deliciously unforgettable.

Here are some examples of food and drink-related pregnancy announcements you can consider:

1. Pizza Message

Order a pizza with the message “We’re prego!” spelled out in pepperoni or your choice of toppings.

2. Labeled Beer

Replace the labels on your husband’s favorite beers with customized labels that say “Dad’s Brew” or “Baby on Board.”

3. The Secret Spoon

Serve your husband his favorite meal with a spoon that has the words “You’re going to be a dad” engraved on it.

4. Eating for Two

Prepare a special meal for your husband featuring two portions of everything, emphasizing that you’ll be eating for two now.

5. Fortune Cookies

Make or purchase fortune cookies with messages inside that announce your exciting news when cracked open.

6. Bun in the Oven

Bake some buns in the oven and place a small paper note beside them when you serve your husband that reads “We’ve got a bun in the oven!!”

7. Baby Bottle Beverage

Serve your husband a drink in a baby bottle, complete with a cute straw and a small note attached to it announcing your special news.

8. Pink and Blue-Filled Cupcakes

Bake cupcakes with a pink and blue colored filling. You could even add a topper that says “Boy or girl?”

9. Pickles and Ice Cream

Prepare a tray with pickles and ice cream, two classic pregnancy cravings, and serve it to your husband with a note saying “Cravings start here!”

10. Pancake Surprise

Make a stack of pancakes and write “You’re going to be a dad!” on one of them with syrup.

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Personalized Pregnancy Announcements

Connecting your pregnancy announcement to your husband’s hobbies or interests adds a personalized touch to your special news. Of course, we had to add a few personalized ideas for cute ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant. It shows that you’ve put thought into making the announcement truly special for him.

Here are 10 examples of personalized pregnancy announcements to consider:

1. Fishing Lure

Attach a small fishing lure to a note that says “Our little catch is on the way!”

2. Sports Jersey

Give your husband a customized sports jersey with “Dad” or his preferred name and the number “1” on the back (or the number 2, 3, etc. if you’re having multiples!).

3. Superhero Booties

Present your husband with a pair of superhero-themed baby booties. You can select your husband’s favorite superhero as the theme to make the announcement even more personalized.

4. Music Mixtape

Create a personalized mixtape or playlist with songs that prominently feature the word “baby” in the title and/or lyrics.

5. Book Dedication

Dedicate a book to your husband, with an exciting message about the arrival of your little storybook character.

6. Puzzle Announcement

Craft or purchase a customized puzzle that, when assembled, reveals the message “We’re expecting!”

7. Travel-Themed Surprise

Plan a surprise trip or vacation around the news of your pregnancy, presenting the itinerary and details in a creative and exciting way. You could even pack a tiny little suitcase inside your husband’s luggage with a note saying “Let’s travel the world with our bundle of joy.”

8. Movie Poster

Design a movie poster with you and your husband as the stars, and add a tagline like “Coming Soon: Our Little Feature Presentation” with a picture of a baby onesie or baby booties.

9. Game Night Announcement

Incorporate the pregnancy announcement into your next game night by creating a custom board game or modifying an existing one.

10. Car Decal

Surprise your husband with a custom car decal displaying a cute message like “Baby on Board” or “Proud Dad-to-Be.”

Chalkboard and Sign Announcements

Using a chalkboard or sign to announce your pregnancy to your husband is a creative and memorable way to share the exciting news.

Here are 10 creative examples of chalkboard and sign pregnancy announcements:

1. “Promoted to Daddy!” written on a chalkboard with a pair of baby booties nearby.

2. “Adding a Little More Love to Our Family” written on a rustic wooden sign with a heart-shaped ultrasound picture.

3. “Our Greatest Adventure Begins” written on a chalkboard with a map and tiny baby shoes.

4. “Coming Soon: Baby [Last Name]” written on a vintage-style sign decorated with balloons and a small onesie.

5. “Our Love Story Continues – Baby Due [Month, Year]” written on a chalkboard framed with flowers.

6. “And Then There Were Three” written on a sign surrounded by a silhouette of a growing family.

7. “Something’s Cooking – Expected Arrival [Month, Year]” written on a chalkboard placed next to a mixing bowl and a small baby bib.

8. “Please Excuse the Mess, We’re Pregnant!” written on a sign with scattered baby items.

9. “Daddy’s Secret Project: Arriving [Month, Year]” written on a chalkboard with tools and a tiny tool belt.

10. “Adding More Light to Our Lives – Baby [Last Name]” written on a sign with a picture of Mom and Dad and an image of the sun on Mom’s belly with a baby onesie hanging nearby.

Poem and Rhyme Announcements

Writing a poem or rhyme to announce your pregnancy adds a touch of creativity and emotion to the moment.

Here are 10 creative ways to use poetry to announce your pregnancy to your husband:

1. “Roses are red, violets are blue, soon we’ll be parents, cheers to me and to you!”

2. “A new chapter, our love overflows, and our bond becomes deeper as our family grows.”

3. “Once upon a time, in our love’s sweet embrace, a little one joined us, filling our hearts with grace.”

4. “Through joy and laughter, we’ll cherish each day, as our baby’s arrival lights up our way.”

5. “In the rhythm of life, a new beat is found, as we proudly announce, a baby is inbound.”

6. “Dreams of parenthood, about to come true, a very special moment, for me and for you.”

7. “Whispers of love, carried by the wind, our bundle of joy, a miracle from within.”

8. “Two hearts, one love, and soon a baby to hold, together we’ll watch as our blessings unfold.”

9. “Pitter-patter of tiny feet, a sweet miracle we’re going to meet.”

10. “The stork has paid a visit and bestowed a gift profound, our family expands, a miracle, we’ve found!”

pregnancy announcement poem by Major League Mommy

Creative Announcements

There are countless creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your husband. Here are 10 examples to inspire you:

1. Baby Basket

Fill a basket with baby essentials, a positive pregnancy test, and a note saying, “I can’t wait to meet you, Daddy!”

2. Eviction Notice for the Man Cave

Craft a fun eviction notice for his man cave, stating that it’s being transformed into a nursery.

3. Storybook

Create a personalized storybook that tells the journey of your love and ends with the announcement of your pregnancy.

4. Puzzle

Give your husband a puzzle to solve, revealing the message “We’re expecting!”

5. Balloon Box

Fill a box with helium balloons in pink or blue, and have your husband open it to discover the pregnancy announcement.

6. Customized T-shirt

Purchase a pregnancy announcement shirt with a message like “Daddy to Be” and surprise your husband with it. Alternatively, you can get a pregnancy announcement shirt for yourself and wait for your husband to notice your outfit of the day.

7. Scratch-Off Card

Make a homemade scratch-off card or purchase a pregnancy announcement scratch card with the message “You’re going to be a dad!”

8. Secret Ingredient

Write a recipe card that includes a secret ingredient – a baby! Surprise your husband while cooking together.

9. Fridge Magnets

Spell out the words “We’re pregnant” on your fridge using magnetic letters and wait for your husband to notice.

10. Scavenger Hunt

Create a fun scavenger hunt around the house, leading your husband to clues revealing the pregnancy announcement.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to announce your pregnancy to your husband, from using chalkboards and signs to poems and many other creative methods.

Remember to choose a method that fits your husband’s personality and style.

Best of wishes as you embark on this exciting new chapter in your life!

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