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Did you know that installing a custom-built window screen for your home windows can be done by yourself without the added cost of a handyman? If you own a home with either unusually shaped windows or simply windows that normal window screen kits can’t accommodate, you may not need to hire a professional to install them. You can likely do this yourself very easily and in some cases, it may take less than 15 minutes with the right custom window screens!

But how do you recognize your custom window screens need replacement? Below we go through the top indicators of when it is time to replace window screens.

Top Signs it’s Time to Replace the Window Screens

Custom Window Screens ReplacementAs a homeowner, you are probably aware of just how important having quality working window screens are. They cover your open windows and keep blowing leaves, debris, pesky biting insects, and other smaller animals from entering your home while allowing you to enjoy the beautiful weather outside.

Unfortunately, sometimes replacing window screens is one of those home improvement tasks that tend to be neglected until you don’t have a choice either due to time constraints, or not understanding the signs of when it is time to replace them. Knowing when to replace your window screens with new custom window screens can help you save a large amount of hassle and time.

  • If you notice it is becoming more and more difficult to open and close your window. If your window frames are becoming damaged or warped, chances are that your window screens are no doubt beginning to suffer damages as well. The trouble with opening or closing a window is one of the more obvious signs it’s time to take a look at your window screens, as they may be warped. Most likely a replacement will fix this issue quickly.
  • Can you see any damages? If you can see that your screens have: holes, warping, rust, or are coming apart that’s another very obvious sign it’s time for new window screens as your old ones are very likely no longer doing their job. Not only are they an eyesore, but they may also be making your home a more susceptible mark for burglars. Replacement of your visibly damaged screens not only improves the look of your home, but it also helps secure your home as well. If you have pets, you may also immediately alleviate the constant worry of a pet accidentally pushing through a broken screen.
  • Do your window screens look shiny, or shinier than they used to? Your window screens do have a lifespan like any other items used in your home. If the mesh of your screen is now shiny, or shinier than you remember it is best to consider it time to replace it.
  • A sudden or slow increase in energy bills? Did you know that a good quality window screen is specifically designed to help block harmful UV rays that not only damage furniture and flooring but increase the temperature inside the home? A window screen is often the first defense against reducing sunlight coming in through the window and helping cut down on heat, lowering cooling costs. An increase in your energy bill could mean your screens are compromised and are no longer doing their part.

If you’ve noted any of the above signs and are ready to begin replacing your custom window screens, it can be as easy as ordering everything you need online. From aluminum frames to

specialized screens that keep the smallest of bugs out to privacy screens and even porch and patio, Quality Window Screen has it all. They even include every item you could need, from frame, wire, crossbar, hardware types, and have a wide array of specialized tools to help you finish the job quickly and easily, while saving you a ton of money and effort.


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