60+ Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

by Briana Marie
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Creating a memorable pregnancy announcement can be a fun and exciting experience for couples expecting a baby. It can also be difficult to choose the best way to announce your special news. Luckily, Major League Mommy has got your back.

Here are some creative ideas for pregnancy announcements for you to consider.

pink baby shoes on pile of baby clothes | TerriC from pixabay via Canva.com
Photo credit: TerriC from pixabay via Canva.com

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Online Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • Make a video of the expecting parents revealing the news to friends and family for the first time.
  • Announce the news on social media with a creative image or video. You may even want to incorporate this into a current trend on social media.
  • Live stream the announcement on social media to share the news with your followers. This can include a silly video or an interactive Q&A with friends and family.
  • Take a picture of a baby’s onesie with the words “We’re Expecting!” written on it and post it to social media.
  • Have the expecting parents’ family and friends make a video congratulating them on their new bundle of joy.
  • Write a heartfelt letter to your future child and share it online.
  • Change your social handle to “Mom-to-Be” (or “Dad-to-be”)
  • Share a series of videos of the funniest pregnancy announcements on the internet until people get the hint.
  • Share a series of videos of eggs hatching until people get the hint.
  • Create a post sharing your latest (and wildest) food cravings to announce the big news.
  • Share a pregnancy-related riddle and watch everyone lose their minds trying to figure it out in the comments.

Mystery Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • Have a Whodunnit-styled event where you set up clues for your family and friends. This can include clues written on cards, riddles, and other creative ideas.
  • Let the family work on a puzzle together. When completed, it will reveal the big news.
  • Play a game of charades where the theme is something pregnancy-related. For example, maybe they need to guess words and phrases such as “Baby Momma,” “Prego sauce,” and “Baby on board” You get the idea here.
  • Create a Kahoot that subtly drops hints about your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Announcement to Husband Ideas

  • Create a goodie bag filled with baby items and watch your husband’s excitement as he unpacks it.
  • Frame your sonogram and place it on the nightstand or another obvious area of your home.
  • Create a stop motion video of your pregnancy test dancing to your song of choice, and send it to your husband.
  • On game night, place a tiny onesie or jersey from your husband’s fave sports team on the sofa or table for him to see.
  • Play a game of telephone at the dinner table with your husband seated at the end and see if the correct message makes it to him. (It’ll be hilarious to watch the expressions on people’s faces as the message spreads around the table).

Nerdy Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • Write a special poem for your pregnancy announcement and share it with family and friends.
  • Create some t-shirts using quotes from your favorite movies and transform the quote to fit your announcement. (Think Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc.)
  • Recreate the intro to your fave video game in a silly video, but swap out certain details with your pregnancy announcement.
  • Create your own word search using words and phrases that are all related to becoming a parent.
  • Take a photo of yourself surrounded by a bunch of books about babies and parenting.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • Recreate one of your favorite movie scenes and replace the dialogue with something that reveals your pregnancy.
  • Take a photo of you shopping for a bigger car and share it to social media with the caption, “Looks like we’re going to need a bigger car.”
  • Take a silly photo of you with a ton of food in front of you with a funny caption announcing your pregnancy.
  • Create a funny video of you “getting rid of” all of your wine, and reveal your news at the end.
  • Create a silly video of you purposefully making a mess in one of the rooms of your home with the caption, “We decided we no longer wanted a clean and orderly house, but this wasn’t the best way to go about it . . . so we’re having a kid instead.”

Sibling Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • Get the kids’ matching t-shirts announcing the news of the new addition to the family.
  • Take a photo of all of the kids together with a sonogram and baby shoes positioned in the frame.
  • Come in from checking the mail one day, and tell the kids they all had mail addressed to them. When they open it, it will be a pop-up card announcing the big news.
  • Have a family game night, and all of the games have to be centered around the concept of “Babies.” See how long it takes the kids to figure it all out.
  • Strap a car seat in your car with a sonogram and let the kids discover it the next time they load into the car.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas with Pets

  • Get your pet a t-shirt or accessory that says “Big Brother” or “Big Sister.”
  • Take a photo of your dog next to your sonogram.
  • Create a funny video of you announcing the news to your pets – don’t forget to add a hilarious voiceover to share your pets’ thoughts on the situation!
  • Have a family photo shoot with your dog next to a pair of baby shoes.

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • Wrap up two baby items, like tiny stuffed animals, and mail them to friends and family with a card announcing your big news.
  • Add two high chairs to your table and just let visitors casually notice.
  • Create a silly video of you frantically shopping for two of every baby item on your list.
  • Take a couple’s photo with you each holding a gift that says, “One for you” and the other that says “one for me.”
  • Share a fun riddle about twins and pairs, and let everyone draw their own conclusions.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas Using Food

  • Bake a cake with a special message written on it using icing
  • Make a plate of cookies with pink and blue icing or have custom cookies made in the shape of common baby items.
  • Purchase a box of Dunkin Donuts Munchkins and leave it on the kitchen counter or table with a note that says “We’re expecting a little Munchkin” alongside your sonogram.
  • At dinner time, set up two plates of food in front of the mother-to-be’s seat. See who notices first.

Crafty Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • Make a photo collage of the expecting parents’ journey to parenthood.
  • Create a scrapbook or photo album that chronicles your journey. This can include photos, artwork, quotes, and other memories that tell a story of your pregnancy.
  • Create a special shirt for the expecting parents to wear.
  • Have the expecting parents’ family and friends write out words of advice for the expecting parents and turn them into a book.
  • Recreate one of your favorite Dr. Seuss books and transform the rhymes into something baby-related to drop hints.

Pregnancy Announcement for Grandparents to Be

  • Write a poem announcing the pregnancy to soon-to-be grandparents and mail it to them.
  • Gift your parents a scratch-off card revealing the big news.
  • Gift your parents one of these super cute coffee mugs.
  • Next time you’re visiting your parents, wear a pregnancy announcement t-shirt.

Pregnancy Announcement Photography Ideas

  • Create a flat-lay image with your sonogram and baby items
  • Take a family photo with the sonogram and a baby onesie or shoes in the frame.
  • Recreate your favorite movie poster and turn it into a pregnancy announcement.
  • Have a superhero-themed pregnancy photo shoot where family and friends dress as a character that best describes their role on this new adventure.

Letterboard Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • Create a letterboard that announces the special news along with your due date.
  • Use a letterboard to drop hints each day in your household
  • Use the letterboard for a countdown to your due date.
  • Don’t forget to use your letterboard during any of your special photoshoots!

By using one of these creative ideas, you can make your pregnancy announcement even more special and memorable. Feel free to share your favorite pregnancy announcement idea from this list in the comments!

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