Transform Your Baby’s Nursery With These Creative Bookshelf Ideas

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Parents are catching on to how early environmental factors influence their child’s development. The theory goes that by surrounding them with a comfortable environment that facilitates learning, you can increase the chances of precocious child development and produce prodigious kids. Let’s consider some popular and creative bookshelf ideas for a nursery and complementary decoration ideas below.

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The Ideal Nursery Bookshelf

There are numerous ways to add bookshelves to a nursery that will spark the curiosity of inquisitive toddlers and babies. However, one of the most popular methods is to position bookshelves within reach. This allows your child to fill their time during periods of inactivity between naps and sleep.

Parents can often find durable and brightly colored books that are fun to play with and hold up well to the nibbling, drooling, and slapping of toddlers. Surrounding the books with cute and fuzzy stuffed animals adds a softer tone and allows the toddler to associate books with playtime fun and entertainment.

Consider purchasing musical books that will speak or play a song when you open them. These books can help children associate pictures and words in a book with sounds. Stimulating the learning centers of the brain and providing constructive toys that allow them to express their creativity are strong foundations for a positive scholastic future.

There are a variety of bookshelf designs to choose from online or at local stores. Hanging wall shelves are the best way to take advantage of vertical space, while standing book shelves can fill an otherwise empty room.

Most nursery designs keep it simple. Decorators may place the bookshelf in a central position to become the focal point of the room. Some decorators suggest creating a cozy reading nook for the child to cuddle up and unwind. Rustic shelves and clear shelves are also popular alternatives that blend in well with just about any decorative scheme due to their color neutrality.

Custom book shelves can be painted and incorporated seamless into any room, filling up an entire wall or fitting perfectly within unique feature of the room. If someone in the household is handy, this is the perfect time to put their woodworking skills to the test.

Faux plants are a popular accent that helps to liven up the bookshelves with a mix of aesthetically pleasing components. Spice racks also make great book shelves for a nursery because they are simple and efficient for holding a few books.

Bookshelf Ideas to Consider for Your Baby’s Nursery

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Wooden Floating Shelves

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Wooden Floating Shelf with Hooks

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Montessori Nursery Bookcase

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Tree Branch Bookshelf

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Giant Tree Bookshelf Wall Decor

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Elephant Floating Bookshelf

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Rocket Bookcase

The Best Time to Make Changes in Your Nursery

Redecorating a nursery with bookshelves is best reserved for the late autumn and winter seasons when people have more time to spend with friends and family during the holidays. The holidays also provide an opportunity to show off the new project as a social piece.

Some parents will add seasonal themes to their bookshelf decor and change it frequently to keep it fresh and interesting. If it is in your budget to keep up with the seasons, you can enjoy a variety of decoration trends and colors to reflect the seasonal moods.

It is also easier to find seasonal decorations at sale prices after the season ends if your budget is limited. It is amazing how steep the discounts can be on off-season decor. Expect to pay pennies on the dollar for overstock left over from the peak sales of the season.

Another thing to consider is how long you are planning to stay in your current home. Many homeowners are moving to key magnet states to raise their children. Before you start decorating your nursery, you may want to consider how tied down you are to the particular area and if you expect to live there ongoing or may move soon. Considering your long-term goals can help you decide on an appropriate budget and a particular design.

Redecorating Your Nursery to Complement Bookshelves

A nursery should be a fun place that your child can feel at home in at all times. By creating fun wallpaper and decorating with bright colors and stuffed animals, they will distinguish it from other rooms in the house.

Just remember when you were a child and how you loved those small chairs and amusement park cars that were perfectly tailored for your petite body. When the room is designed from the perspective of little people, it is easier for your child to feel comfortable and interested in their environment.

Hanging bookshelves on the walls saves floor space but also makes the books inaccessible to your child. You can also hang a variety of books on the walls for decoration and keep some durable books on a lower bookshelf for access. Some parents will place the bookshelf near the entryway to make effective use of dead space.

Experts recommend that homeowners first envision the decorative changes. The general goals are to organize, clean, and accentuate the warmth and comfort of the nursery. Some projects can seem overwhelming until you break them down into stages.

In general, the decorator needs a clean canvas to work on. This requires paring down the clutter of a room, patching up any damage to the walls, and livening it up with a fresh coat of colorful paint or child-friendly wallpapers. Adding lighting and maximizing the use of natural light sources will also reduce the winter gloom.

Finally, it is a matter of introducing soft fabrics with warm colors to make the room appear cozier. A lambskin rug, a comforter, or a cushy chair with a throw over can make the nursery appear inviting and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Teaching children organization skills by keeping bookshelves and spaces organized will also influence them as they grow to follow in your footsteps. You should never neglect to clean up and reorganize even if your child is like a mini tornado.

When you are decorating your nursery bookshelves, remember that the design should be kid friendly. Your child will likely spend a lot of time in their nursery. Reducing stress and discomfort with easy access to playthings and learning materials will make their time more pleasant.

Always put yourself in the shoes of your little one, and assess their personalities by beta testing what toys and books they may like best as they grow and develop.

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