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4 Ways to Create the Spa Experience in Your Own Home

create a spa experience at home

Last Updated on December 31, 2022

Although the past couple of years were not quite what we expected, we did learn how to get creative with our self-care routine.

In previous years, you may have taken an annual trip to the spa, however, with pandemic regulations still in place across many parts of the country, many of us missed out on that long-awaited trip.

Fortunately, many spa-goers have developed their own routines and spa-day alternatives in their homes. While you may still venture to your favorite spa when it’s safe to do so, it can be helpful to try implementing some of the best spa amenities into your home while you wait.

So, if you’re in need of some at-home spa treatments, here are a few great ones to try.

spa experience at home

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Hot Tub

The hot tub is certainly one of the most popular amenities at any spa. Whether you prefer it for its heat or jets, it’s a great way to unwind from any stress and feel at ease.

Luckily, you can replicate this valued amenity in your own home with an external jet or heater. For a little under $100, you can install a bath jet to the side of your tub that circulates water constantly. However, if you’d prefer a more widespread massage or distribution of heat, you can invest a little more into a thermal massaging bath mat. This option would instead be placed on the bottom of your tub to relax your entire body. Although you can always opt to buy your own hot tub system, these are great, budget-friendly alternatives you can implement easily whenever needed. 

To add to the ambiance, you can also incorporate a bath pillow, tray, and candles to make the experience similar to the real thing.



Making your own sauna in your home can be a much more labor-intensive project, but the result is certainly worth it. You have the options of creating an indoor sauna in a spare, half or full bathroom, building an outdoor sauna, or purchasing one separately

If you choose to revamp a bathroom for your new sauna, you’ll want to start by insulating the room and applying a vapor barrier to make sure that the room is prepared for the steam of the sauna. Then, use cedar wood to panel the walls and floors of your new sauna, as it’s less likely to expand and crack when faced with steam or heat. If you choose to also add a wood-burning stove within your sauna, you’ll just need to make sure that all surrounding walls and ceilings are fire-proofed before use.

If you’re creating an infrared sauna, however, you have more options for wood paneling as it will not damage as quickly. Additionally, you’ll likely want to invest in a home warranty as an added safety net to protect your infrared heaters. This will ensure that all surrounding heating and electricity are maintained to avoid any damage to your sauna. 

To build an outdoor sauna, you would follow the same steps with the addition of an outdoor shed. Many people who’ve built their own saunas have found that the total cost of doing so stayed around $1,000, which is a low price for the long-term benefits you’ll receive. 



Quality massages are thought to be exclusive to spas, however, there are a number of tools and techniques you can adopt in your own home to replicate this spa treatment.

Massage chairs are the optimal choice, but they do typically come at a higher price. Depending on the model you select, you can find one anywhere between $1,000 – $10,000. If you’re adamant about creating a quality spa space, this may be a wise investment to make, and with a care and protection plan, you won’t have to worry about damage to your chair. However, if you would just like a quick massage here and there, you can opt for smaller massage solutions instead. 

A recent favorite has been massage pads for your favorite chair.

Given the spike in remote work, many have searched for ways to make their at-home workspace more comfortable, and a massage pad does just that. The pad typically comes with thermal heating and a range of massage settings that’ll help you to relax while you sit.

However, if you prefer a more direct massage for specific muscles and joints, a massage gun may be a better option for you. These are typically similar in cost to a massage pad, however, they provide you with a little more mobility. They are also the perfect alternative if you’re not able to dedicate an entire space to your at-home spa amenities. You can use this in any room of the house for that same spa-day feel without overwhelming your space.


Skin Treatment

Over the years, you’ve likely developed your own unique skin and facial routines, however, if you’re looking for a more advanced spa-like treatment, there are some great tools and tips you can try.

A spa skin treatment will typically include:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Exfoliating
  3. Steaming
  4. Applying a mask
  5. Toning
  6. Applying a serum
  7. Moisturizing

While many of these are well-known processes and you likely have your own products that suit you, steaming is one that may require a little more explanation. Steamers are relatively low in price and can be found at several major retailers. They’re used as an additional cleanser for the face as they loosen and remove any deep-rooted buildup or dirt.

For an alternative and more affordable option, you can soak a washcloth in warm water and place it gently on your face until it cools. This will give you a similar cleansing sensation to a store-bought steamer and can be done on a more consistent basis.

Aside from your face, you can follow these same set of directions for your body’s skin as well with the use of a few different products. When exfoliating your body, for example, you may opt to use a dry brush or salt scrub as opposed to the typical sugar scrub. Both of these exfoliators are more aggressive on your skin which can be helpful, when used on occasion, for clearing dead skin cells.

Additionally, when treating your body, you may want to add a step for hair removal. Waxing is a common method that rids the body of hair while remaining relatively gentle on the skin. This can be a great option for anyone with much more sensitive skin.

Waiting for the pandemic to end has been a huge struggle for many of us in recent months. However, if you don’t feel safe traveling or just want to take a break from spending in the new year, these are some great alternatives to help you replicate your favorite spa amenities in your own home.



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